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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Jodie dress to date

Here is a bit of work I got to do today on the Jodie dress. I love the print on this Fabricmart soft cotton twill so much. I can feel myself veering off at top speed these days to weird retro prints. 

You should see what I have planned for my fall shirts.

In the end I had to settle for a straight up dress zipper because the sleeping bag zipper, all I can get locally in long large teeth metal zippers, looked like well, a sleeping bag zipper. Thank you. thank you Margy for those links! Really glad to have them because I am definitely making this up again.

Now I realize it doesn't look like much on the hanger but it does look promising on.

A really interesting pattern that goes together very easily if you don't count for the part where big sections of the instructions need elaboration that isn't there. In fact there are a couple of places where you are instructed to see the diagram but there is no diagram to see, unless that was in a sheet that fell out of my pattern envelope.

I intend to give you detailed supplemental instructions once I am done, but I have to first finish this and make sure that what I think will work does in fact work.

I only added an extra 1 1/2" to the length. I didn't want to do more because of all the parts that need to fit together and I wanted to make up a trail version first to see how far I could push the length adding thing.

As it is this is about thigh length on me which for a woman of my experience in life is probably pushing it.

Not that I won't be wearing it.

To Winn Dixie in Florida sure.

To go out and move the sprinkler on the lawn, yes.

Over a bathing suit, to walk the dog early and late in the day, to tear around the house in sandals, definitely.

To a Nova Scotia supermarket or a faculty meeting.

Maybe not.

It is a great pattern though if I add about 3-4 inches next time and since the bottoms are faced with some large sections at the bottoms for the hem, I can see using a lining to do that and then actually having a dress that doesn't stick to tights without a slip.

The mind never stops.

But first I have to finish this one.


Mae said...

I like the unfinished hanger shot so much, I just ordered the pattern. I got a free Suzie top as well, thanks Style Arc!

Anonymous said...

Nice! I have the same fabric. :) I'm planning on capris.

LinB said...

Isn't it funny how a garment that fits perfectly into your lifestyle in one geographical spot is one you wouldn't be caught dead in, in another place? This is definitely a "Florida dress." I got caught up in this conundrum a couple of times in my life, when I moved from the US South to the upper Mid-West, and vice versa. Whole new wardrobes were required for a semblance of "normal" in each place.