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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Swimsuit sew-along update

The swimsuit sew-along will hit the www Monday.

There has been a slight delay because my sister Nancy has herself a part-time job.

First of all you need to know that this sister is the one most like me in disposition.

You see she and her husband have moved to a new town, sort of a semi-retirement idea, and Nancy is trying to get herself integrated into the new community.

To make a long story short one day last week my brother-in-law was off doing some errand and my sister thought she would pop into a nice looking flower shop. In their last town Nancy was a florist.

When my brother-in-law came in to find her, well there was Nancy working behind the counter, helping out in a busy time. Of course she was hired. 

This is where I come in. Her new job is in one of those upscale floral outfits. The owner says that work attire has to be a grey linen Japanese apron. 

No problem said Nancy. She didn't have a clue what her new boss was talking about.

She and I found out exactly what a Japanese apron is on Pinterest, within minutes I had found a .pdf out of Singapore, and some grey linen down on the shelves in the basement where you can basically find pretty much anything.

So the swimwear sew-along will not get into high gear until next week as I have a very rush order on some Japanese aprons.

I also was thinking that there is some irony that I am starting a swimwear sew-along. I never really wore a swimsuit until I was in about grade 5.

We lived in a small town in the middle of Canada when I was growing up. The local Y there had a Swedish athletic director who for some reason had decided to move to rural Manitoba.

This Swedish athletic director was of course Swedish in her approach to physical fitness, so there we were all these prairie kids doing rhythmic gymnastics with streamers and balls in matching blue leotards. We saw this in some Olympic event once and I told my kids that I used to do that, and they thought I was nuts, but I did.

Well this Swedish athletic director had a theory that no one could learn to swim properly unless they were naked. So in this small town Y no kid was allowed to wear a bathing suit until puberty. I kid you not. An entire Y of naked kids in about as rural a town in the middle of nowhere as you could get. But if you think that people can't be open minded in little country towns well you haven't been to Brandon Manitoba also known as the Wheat City.

There are two things I would like to add. If you think I am making this up I can line up some more sisters for verification. Second thing is we are all great swimmers. We love the water.

So I might be a late starter in the swimsuit game, but I do have a lot of opinions.

Tune in next week.

Blog tour book review

Hi folks.

The publisher has organized a blog tour book review of my book. Some of my favourite bloggers will be participating. Here is the link to the line-up for the week.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

My book in e-book format

Just a quick update from my publisher.

My book is available as an e-book on the C & T site, just search my name or the title.

They also note that if you sign up for their newsletter while you are there they will send you notices when the e-books go on sale, usually at 50% off.

So now you know.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Maternity leggings shots

And here we are. A great pattern (Peg Legs with maternity add-on), great fabric and a particularly great daughter-in-law. Also a good sport.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Flypaper thoughts Sunday morning edition

  • Have decided to alternate a project for me with a project for someone else for a while
  • Need a quick sew for a palate cleanser
  • Going to continue with some Indie testing
  • Remember when those emails from the Big 4 saying new seasons patterns were so exciting?
  • Now mostly I think who would wear that
  • Strong sense of running out of ideas
  • Anyone else thinking this?
  • Got to make some golf shirts
  • Also need to learn how to be a better house painter
  • Since my husband is not taking his golf shirts off this year
  • Miss Daisy has a friend who has lost his sight
  • Poor Garth is sad
  • But she waits outside his house until he comes out
  • And goes to stand quietly beside him
  • Never did this before when he could see
  • Do you think I am a shallow person
  • When the first thing I think of is what will I wear
  • Let's work on your bunker shots says the spouse
  • Let's figure out a tab front without a pattern I think
  • Going back in the classroom two mornings this fall
  • They needed a pinch hitter
  • Am I working on the syllabus?
  • No
  • Am I cutting out a new dress this afternoon?
  • Yes
  • I was once in the fabric store when a woman came in to buy fabric to be buried in
  • We decided lilac was a lovely choice
  • I never make any of these things up
  • Know a 95 year old woman who one night wondered if she should bother to paint her toes
  • Has lived alone for 40 years
  • But if I stop now she said
  • What will I stop next?
  • So she painted them
  • Have you ever grown celery?
  • One of the best kept secrets of the universe is that the fresh stuff has flavour
  • Not like the stalks of garden hose we dutifully buy and dice and add
  • Just because the recipe says so
  • I am thinking I should make biscotti
  • Can you make it without nuts or would that just be a rusk?
  • I don't think a person who should be making a dress should waste her time baking rusks
  • Does anyone?
  • If so they should learn to sew
  • Maybe I should stop listening to my sister
  • The one who said watch Outlander
  • I made myself promise I would only watch it while I cleaned the kitchen at night
  • Man does that stove sparkle
  • Lot of unanswered questions there
  • Didn't Claire miss running water when she traveled back in time?
  • I mean wouldn't you?
  • Me my idea of camping is an RV with a shower and AC
  • And that Jamie believes anything
  • Season three isn't available here until August
  • Good thing
  • Otherwise I might be in the kitchen long enough to be making rusks
  • And what kind of sense would that make?