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Friday, July 5, 2013

Catching up

OK, well, what's the latest?

For a start we have had some company and more to come. This is a very good reason not to sew.

One of our star visitors was my step-daughter who came home for a visit from Nottingham England where she now lives.

There are many reasons why I am proud of her, but one recently is how she turned her life around from the usual young lifestyle of partying, not a lot of systematic exercise and eating not all that sensibly. Her story is best told in her own pictures:

A strong girl on the inside she has gotten very strong on the outside too. Does a lot of crazy weight lifting and is eating a full but clean diet.

She is also incredibly funny and smart. And a smart knitter.

I did some moaning about my not so fair fair isle vest project, where I broke the record for stubborn stupidity having knit and ripped out the same row 5 times, and she took one look at it and pointed out if I put in stitch markers every repeat I could catch my mistakes before they took off.

Like everyone in the world knows this but me. 

Hopefully I will finish this unit pretty soon. Right now I feel like one of those Japanese soldiers they used to find in Pacific islands 40 years after the war had ended because no one had told them they could go home.

More stubborn than smart. I'm that kind of knitter.

Other than ripping out that same row and cooking for a lot of folks, I have continued on my pillow mania. 

There is now no place to sit in my house unless you dump about four pillows on the floor. Yes, pillow making is the ultimate in no brain sewing, but I think I need to give it a rest now. 

Even the dog has learned to throw them off the chairs so he has room to lie down. Tell me how a dog who after 9 years of failed training in just about every useful area, can figure out in about two minutes how to throw a bunch of pillows off the couch right across the room. 

This is just one of the mysteries of life along with why any body would spend this much time trying to learn to knit a fair isle vest when she doesn't actually wear vests.

And yes I did some sewing. 

My last picture for this evening is my youngest at his birthday bash last night. He has a hat I knit him on his head and the wear-to-a-BBQ shirt he requested. He has just finished a major renovation of a duplex he is going to rent out and so I figured a house shirt made sense.

He has asked that next time I involve him in the fabric selecting process. That must mean he really liked it.

One of my beautiful boys, no longer little any more:

Now what I am going to sew next?