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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Flypaper thoughts Comfort Inn edition

  • Five days on the road now
  • Currently in Georgia, tomorrow in a state park in Florida, in Panama City
  • Been pretty chilly
  • Tour director says if we stay in the rv it has to be without water
  • Pipes freezing etc.
  • Mommy doesn't do no water
  • So it's been road side Comfort Inns because they take multiple dogs no problem
  • Have Miss Daisy with us and Birdie, my son's dog who is on to relocation in Austin
  • At night I go and walk the treadmills in the hotel "exercise rooms" to unkink
This is the team as documented by the tour director whenever I leave the room at night:

  • No need to ever ask me why I have a dog
  • Who says older women are invisible?
  • Do you know it is possible to order a significant amount of fabric on an iPhone with a dog wrapped in a blanket on your lap
  • With a pillow on that lap
  • The blanket and the pillow and the head under my elbow is so someone can pretend she is not where she is
  • Hang on guys
  • We're parking soon and Benny is at the other end of this trip Birdie
  • You just hang on
  • Listen
  • Whatever are the Big Four going to do?
  • Four pattern companies now owned by one entity
  • So many patterns that already look identical
  • I am waiting for the call
  • Even got my phone plugged into the front of the car just in case
  • Waiting for them to call and ask me what to do
  • You'd help me out
  • Well, I would say, maybe you can start with the instructions
  • Like stop telling new sewers to staystitch knit necklines
  • Or make basting stitches and ease in sleeves in T shirts
  • Try writing the word serger in
  • And stop listing "faille" as a suggested fabric on the back
  • You don't even remember what that fabric is
  • Admit it
  • And how about not having all the coats unlined so a sewist has to figure that out herself
  • If Google doesn't stop changing sewist to sexist
  • I may just have to stop Googling
  • That would show them
  • I'm going to be adding to the list all night in my head
  • Of what the Big Four should do
  • In case they find where they put my number
  • My husband did a DIY security system
  • An iPhone and thermometer pointed at the front door from the inside
  • He gets an alert when someone moves and he checks it out
  • Did that man duct tape this to my china cabinet
  • Don't even have to ask
  • Best not to picture that
  • So far we can report that the relatives are coming and going
  • As expected
  • Some are studying in the quiet
  • Some sleeping over after concerts
  • Is that mail on the table?
  • Decided he isn't going to respond to the alerts any more
  • Turns out home security is a violation of privacy
  • Do you know that instead of packing enough underwear
  • I packed enough fabric to make enough underwear
  • I am pretty sure I am going to get a cowboy hat in Texas
  • Miss Scarlett says sure Babs just don't say my name out loud when you wear it
  • She is growing up
  • Kind of too bad
  • Her sister and brother will think I am beyond cool
  • 6 and 3 are good ages
  • Gee I love these trips
  • Except the no kids part
  • Apart from that every minute of it
  • The truck stop where they pack up six rolls with two chicken pot pies to go
  • Two days' supper out of that one meal
  • The fact I know every place a dog can pee between the giant plastic peach in Georgia and the Canadian border
  • Seeing other's peoples homes flash by my window
  • What are their stories?
  • This week it was 25 years since my wonderful dad died
  • On the exact anniversary the phone rang
  • He won a prize from the gas company
  • His name is still on the bill 
  • A quarter of a century later he is still lucky
  • A sign says my mother
  • Of course this is dad
  • Kind of comforting
  • Next week going to fly back to Winnipeg for her 90th
  • Having a party
  • Here's a list of my friends she said
  • Over a 100 people
  • Turns out nearly all can come
  • We are renting extra coat racks
  • You've been to Winnipeg in January?
  • Those policemen on Portage Avenue still wear buffalo coats?
  • If they do we are going to need those coat racks
  • I think we had better roll some extra sandwiches too
  • We are all wearing fascinators
  • Google it if you are too young
  • And if you are still Googling
  • Not out in protest
  • Haven't worn a fascinator since we put on white gloves for church
  • And felt particularly fasicinating
  • About 800 years ago when I was 8
  • Apparently 90 feels the same as 8
  • Kind of comforting too
  • And to finish, another picture
  • The one I told my daughter I wouldn't show
  • She's far away right
  • Jalie's wonderful pyjama pattern on Christmas morning in some nice thick flannelette
  • Pretty beautiful daughter for someone who was up early with three kids I thought:
  •  I never looked this good when it was me