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Friday, September 28, 2012

Have a good weekend

I had this idea I would save time with the baby's cardigan if I had a pattern that did not call for much sewing up. This one is a bottom up raglan where you do the sleeves in the round then attach them to the body.

It appears that I have knitted on the sleeves so the underarms are at the top and the sleeve cap underneath.

This was not as easy to do as you might think. 

Also my seed stitch appears to be punctuated by blocks of mistaken stockinette which I am hoping, because they are so regular, might look like a very progressive pattern. Is there such a thing as an edgy baby sweater?

Maybe not in Nova Scotia.

I'm quitting for the night, not because I think it will look better in the morning but because my dear husband has signed me up for his company's golf tournament tomorrow.

It will be fun he says, just relax and have a good time. No one will care you can't really golf, just a friendly game.

With a bunch of men. 


Not likely to be competitive at all. 

And the prize for the winners is a trip for two to some place this golfer will never be seeing.

Real casual game.

I was going to be making some sort of an outfit for this event but I have been busy knitting some sleeves in upside down.

So I went and bought a jacket and some pants as Costco as I do not really want to overinvest in this thing.

You didn't know Costco carried golf clothing did you?

Well they don't.

Over and out. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Still knitting ...

Time marches on and I am getting closer to that birthday.

This is the sweater I am making. I don't really need a class but the pattern was what I was looking for.

OK, maybe I need a class, I skim instructions to my own detriment, and having things written out really s-l-o-w-l-y is helpful.

Plus seed stitch hides a lot.

I took a break from this and started a knitted doll but am back to my sweater.

The doll so far is looking like something my dad used to throw for the dog when he was training her to retrieve, except it has red shoes. And so far no head. Which actually is just like the dog toy come to think of it. She was a chewer.

The other break I took was the big seasonal wardrobe change over when things from the basement go into the closet, and things from the closet go into the basement.

I like doing this job a lot more when it is summer clothes I am bringing up.

It is amazing to me how I go overboard in one direct and make wardrobe holes.

A few years ago it was dresses. Then I had my skirt year and lately it has been cardigan jackets. Suddenly I have far too many tops and no pants really that are all that presentable except for a few pairs, so I am going to have to attack that once this sweater is done.

Where are you standing the beginning of this season?

What are the holes in your wardrobe and how did it happen? Are there somethings you can sew but don't? Are you still struggling with a TNT?

I could do with a sewing discussion right now.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thank you Mitt Romney, you are good for knitting

I have suspended sewing this week for talking at the TV and knitting.

It is Miss Heidi's birthday in two weeks and I have decided that I need to knit her a sweater. Every time I ask my daughter what she needs I am told that she can use what Scarlett has- subsequent child syndrome.

Having grown up with a red headed sister behind me who had to wear my red velvet Christmas dresses I have decided to disregard what might be in the hand me down box and make originals for this little sister.

Problem is I am the world's slowest knitter.

The only boost I am getting is the US presidential election. This keeps me up late and knitting and entertained. Mr. Romney has been particularly helpful this past week in that regard. I talk at the TV expressing my own expert analysis and offering insights only Mr. Rascal and a sleeping husband can hear.

This is helping with the row count.

What interests me is that no one has called me in as a commentator. I have so much to say.

BTW my past life has a politico has made me aware of one reality. Elections are won by whoever gets the vote out. 

You have no idea.

Whatever candidate has folks who will go pick up the old folks in the rain and drive them to the poll, whoever has people go over and watch the kids at supper time so the parents can get down and vote, whoever works the phones and calls people who have promised to vote on the day to see if they in fact have done so today, will probably win.

That is why the worst thing you want just before an election is some sense that it is in the bag, then your voters, too busy at the grocery store, don't make it to the polls.

On the day (or days in the case of advance polls) it's the neigbours who make it happen not the Superpacs.

OK enough of that.

I have to get this sweater done because I am having a pants crisis and have some sweater knit from Metro Textiles and some knit from Parons I need to get sewn up before I drop my credit card on their counters too when I go to NYC.

And I am pretty ready to do that.