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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Still knitting ...

Time marches on and I am getting closer to that birthday.

This is the sweater I am making. I don't really need a class but the pattern was what I was looking for.

OK, maybe I need a class, I skim instructions to my own detriment, and having things written out really s-l-o-w-l-y is helpful.

Plus seed stitch hides a lot.

I took a break from this and started a knitted doll but am back to my sweater.

The doll so far is looking like something my dad used to throw for the dog when he was training her to retrieve, except it has red shoes. And so far no head. Which actually is just like the dog toy come to think of it. She was a chewer.

The other break I took was the big seasonal wardrobe change over when things from the basement go into the closet, and things from the closet go into the basement.

I like doing this job a lot more when it is summer clothes I am bringing up.

It is amazing to me how I go overboard in one direct and make wardrobe holes.

A few years ago it was dresses. Then I had my skirt year and lately it has been cardigan jackets. Suddenly I have far too many tops and no pants really that are all that presentable except for a few pairs, so I am going to have to attack that once this sweater is done.

Where are you standing the beginning of this season?

What are the holes in your wardrobe and how did it happen? Are there somethings you can sew but don't? Are you still struggling with a TNT?

I could do with a sewing discussion right now.


debbie said...

I finally have a basic pants pattern that fits fabulously and is super comfy AND easy to make. My problem is I can't find fabric that I like. I'm looking for stretch wovens in basic colors and heavy enough for cold winter temps.
So far not much luck even after countless samples from online vendors. That's my biggest hole. Tops I can throw together at the drop of a hat!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

That's why I plan and sew at least one wardrobe a season. If I make all the pieces I need, I shouldn't have any wardrobe holes...otherwise I'd have a closet full of dresses and cardigans like I lived in 60degree weather year round instead of where I actually live.

wendy said...

This summer I discovered the joy of the knit wrap dress, I made a few, a couple of which will see me through autumn too. I love how easy they are to make and how 'dressed' I feel when wearing them :)
I am bang in the middle of sewing my autum/winter makes, of which there needs to be many. But I think that trouser/ jeans will be what I'll be spending most of my time on, although I have just finished my first sewn cardigan and just love it!

LinB said...

Last year I was convinced that I had no pants/trousers. I sewed like a maniac, and bought lots of standard colors at thrift stores. Now I find that all my tops are too shabby to be worn in public, but that my nether regions can be decently clad for two weeks before needing to do pants laundry. Am giving up on dresses for a while -- too lazy to shave legs, too cheap to buy tights.