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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sorry for the delay

I am acutely aware that it has been two whole months since I posted. This really bothers me but I have had a lot going on. Too much work, non-stop company and some sad things to deal with. The death at 26 of a good friend of my middle son's from a congenital heart defect that finally caught up with him, the sudden illness of a favourite relative, who had her colon removed in emergency surgery this morning. I have had a few health issues of my own and am waiting on some tests in the next two weeks, could be fine or not, but the events of this month have reminded me that anything can happen to anyone at any time. Not real news of course and we all know that but always life reminds us. Pretty much you just have to do your best and whatever comes your way you just have to deal with it.

Whatever happens I will be simplifying my life from now on. There just hasn't been enough time for the things I enjoy lately and that has to change.

I did some interesting sewing over December and will post those pictures soon. With all the stress of this month though I have been turning more to my knitting. Some times when I have too much on my mind to focus on sewing I find that knitting is really helpful. It's good when you have some waiting to do. I finished some big cabled afghans for the boys, have been making felted mitts and call my crazy, I have been knitting dishcloths like a maniac. With DH out of the country every night he calls and says do you want me to come home, and I say no, I'm fine we'll see how this goes, well after I hang up that phone I sit in bed with Rascal and knit until I am tired. I actually really love knitted dishcloths in the kitchen and the pattern I use is so simple that I can just churn them out. The brighter the better. I have a feeling that when this winter is over there is going to be some big stack of dishcloths in this house.

I like small projects and knitted things make great gifts so if you find something you like to knit you can just make tons and someone is always glad to get them.

I don't want to post a depressing post, mainly just to let you know that I am still here, just on a detour, but will be back soon. I am a pretty buoyant person by disposition and to tell you the truth all this sadness and worrying goes against the grain.

I really am looking forward to sewing more again. My amazing husband did an amazing thing when he was home at Christmas. Under the tree was a big package and in it was 5 yards of the most beautiful wool in my colour (red) and a beautiful Burda pattern for a suit with it. I found it astounding that he actually went into fabric store, found fabric and found a pattern. He told me the Burda patterns just drew him and he knew the kind of suit I would like. He was right which makes me feel good to know that a man who to be frank has no taste himself in clothes and has to be told that no brown shoes don't go with black pants actually has noticed what I like and  what I wear.

I want to get started on that suit. More later, and thanks.