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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

On the road again

We are in Maine now and closer to home. My daughter's early pregnancy is not going well and we are trying to get home as soon as we can. Nature will take its course I guess but the little girls are busy and I know they really need help over there. We are on our way.

I have written about this before but the differences as you drive north are striking. My husband is now on disk 9 of 400 of a recorded version of "Team of rivals" and I am reminded that this has been true since Lincoln.

I see it too from my window. The trees are shorter and the temperature drops despite the fact the sun is up about two hours earlier than Florida. This has to do with the fact the earth is round apparently and the physics have been explained to me in great detail by someone who should keep both hands on the wheel.

The bright sorbet colours of the clothes are gone now and I am seeing navy windbreakers, grey pants and sensible shoes. Last night when my husband ordered Thai dinner they asked "what kind of protein would you like with that?" Words that I am sure have never been uttered south of the Mason Dixon line in a takeaway line up.

A long way from "would you like gravy on those biscuits?"

On the highway we passed a horse trailer with the "code of the west" on it. The line I remember is "never pass up a chance to rest your horses." 

I have done that now.