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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Well, well Simplicity

Yes I know I have often been less than impressed by some of the Big Four releases, but this morning I decided to take a look at Simplicity.

I was surprised by the usefulness and interest of some of the new patterns I saw.

Too bad that Simplicity seems to have written off Canada as a place where they sell their patterns. You can get them but have to order them in and at a premium. 

How can a country where I sew get written off?

Makes no sense.

Too bad because there are some intriguing patterns this season.

One introductory comment.

You know all those vintage/retro patterns that you never see anyone actually making or wearing in the other big pattern lines? All those 50s wiggle dresses and those big skirt numbers that really require a girdle or modern equivalent to get the waist they require?

Well Simplicity seems to have gone retro but skipped to the the 60s or 70s, with an emphasis on comfortable.

Maybe that's why some of these are more interesting to me, and maybe because they reflect a time of housewife wear, backyard wear, doing the real work wear. Some of them are cleverly made patterns that might be interesting to sew.

Know what I mean?

OK, back to the patterns that I noticed this morning and why:

Really nice skirts here, and another way to look at dressing up. A fancy skirt and a nice top (maybe not this one if you are not into boxy) if you are dressing up this summer.

Old school and ingenious. A maxi dress with a flattering neckline made just by a wrap.

How smart is this, a nice gathered front that is modest and easy to wear, and cross over back high enough to hide the strapless bra? Love it.

Contemporary patterns, very much like ready to wear, pleated back one is interesting.

Good basic wearable shell, get a lot of mileage out of this one if you happen to have one of those real lives.

Nothing exciting maybe but tell me if you had one of these in your closet would you put it on when it got cool after supper?  Rest my case.

Modern short skirt. This is in the stores and would be easy to move in.

Not sure I am running off to make a pantsuit, but the separates are useful when you just want to whip up something cool.

I am delighted to see this pattern, a swimsuit on a real body. Good for Mimi G and good for Simplicity.

More than a little nutty but just might be fun to wear. Clever is OK with me.

Does Joann's ship to Canada at sale prices?