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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My pillowcase dress

As you probably know I spend a fair amount of time with my granddaughters.

The thing is the more time you spend with little kids the more their world makes more sense than maybe the one you had yourself wrapped up in. It's one of the fringe benefits.

Along the way I began to be quite taken with some toddler clothes and decided they might look good on me.

I am serious about this.

Next thing you know it's going to be stick-on tattoos on the arms and rainbow striped tights.

In the meantime I decided that here in Florida I needed a really not-sticking-to-my-body-dress and decided a pillowcase dress would be great. 

Feeling self-indulgent I even used a pattern, which was unnecessary, but don't tell anyone.

Here I am in a fast iPad shot in the yard here.

The fabric came from Chic Fabrics in NYC and was $4.95 a yard. It is purple with green fish on it:

The nice man at Chic really couldn't believe his luck when he realized someone was going to take this off his hands:

"This fabric here?"

"Yes that's what I want"

"It is purple"

"Yes I noticed that"

"With fishes on it"

"I like fish"

"You want this material?"


"The purple material with green fishes on it?"

"Yes that's right"

"This fabric?"

"Can you cut it?"

Anyway I eventually got this cut and bagged and now recently I have sewed it into a bag with a drawstring neck and think this dress is just great.

It has reminded me of something I want to do.

Make more pillowcase dresses.

Some of the members of our sewing guild have been involved  in sewing little dresses for school girls in Africa and I think I need to take some time over the summer to go through my fabric and turn it into something useful. The pattern and US address of where to send them in the link, but Canadians can send any dresses they make here.

It seems to me that when you give it ought to be of some of yourself and for me that would be a sewer.

Our sewing guild does some interesting things. 

One of the women has also been involved in collecting fabric and making up patterns and kits for sanitary napkins (I am old enough to make references like that) for girls in Kenya who - get this - because of lack of supplies have to miss school when they have their period. 

One more reason eh? 

If you are interested in that project the link is here.

At any rate as I sit here being lucky it seems to me that it is time the smart old girls did what they could to help the young girls get smart. 

And there is more than one way to bust a stash.