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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Gone fishing: a blogging pause

I have been thinking a lot these days. As I walk on the beach with Mr. Rascal, stir my mango jam, learn to knit top down sweaters.

I have been thinking if I had one thing I would say if anyone ever decides to ask me advice, is this.

Make the most of what the moment you are in is offering you.

That pretty much says all I have to say about life.

Strut those suits when you are working, sit with those toddlers and listen when you are not, enjoy your hobbies and people outside the family when yours leaves home.

Do. Not. Multi-task.

Multi-tasking is code for not making the most of where you are now.


Social media, if you don't watch it, can be a way of connecting with people you don't know very well, rather than with the people you do. Sorry Twitter.

I needed to think about this.

I have been busy my whole life and work wise there seem to be more and more people who want me to do things these days.

Last summer I had major surgery and, since I can work/teach online, you know how much time I took off?

Three hours. And that is counting from when I woke up after 5 1/2 hours of surgery.

Didn't want to let anyone down.

Well that was pretty stupid wasn't it?

One of the lessons of the workplace is that it closes over after you have left in about 5 minutes as if you had never been there.

Last summer I came down here with a mobile sewing room and attempted a Chanel jacket because I would have the time. It was on my list.

Enough said about that, and I am hoping they are appreciating it down there on the rack at Value Village.

I love my blog. I love your comments and I get to know my regular commentators and I just wish I could have you all over to my house.

But I have been noticing lately that some of my favourite bloggers have retired or simply stopped posting. One has told me the well just dried up, and reading between the lines, the blog had become just one more thing on her to do list.

I don't want to get to that place, ever. 

So I have decided to take myself off the grid for the duration of my time here, which is until the beginning of June.

I am going to draft some posts when I feel like it and do a lot of clean up of this site and figure out where it is going. I have some ideas.

I am sewing a very little and thinking about sewing a lot. I want to write about that.

What I am doing is really, really enjoying myself here doing exactly what I can't do at home.

I am walking the beach a lot with Mr. R and trying to get him to understand the concept of turning around. He seems stuck on wanting to walk miles in one direction without any consideration that we have to walk the equal distance back.

I am playing 18 holes of golf with my husband everyday in absolutely beautiful surroundings.

I am canning my brains out, but only things that are hard to get in any quality at home. Mango jam, as noted, mango, lime and cilantro salsa, Papaya and mango chutney.

I am also taking Craftsy classes and using the time to upgrade my knitting. I can do this outside and have the quiet to do it.

So I will be back, but you needed to know the timetable. 

We are closed for renovations, hang in there with me.