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Thursday, August 20, 2015

This is what out of control looks like

I know it has been a while since I have posted.

Well let me tell you what's been going on.

First off Miss Daisy is recovering, as much as you can tell when someone doesn't talk. She is on light duties, no running, jumping, horsing around and no walks.

Only the last one can we really control, that and keeping her off stairs and things she can jump down from. When she gets too wild she goes back in the Pack and Play where she "moans" to quote my middle granddaughter.

End of the month we go back to see the vet. Hopefully he will think she is sufficiently healed to go slowly back to normal life and we have dodged the surgery bullet for the time being. 

I have to tell you that I am a little stressed about the next month with her. 

Next week my husband goes back up north for his final round of duty and I hope she continues to improve so I don't have to drive two provinces over with a sick dog on my own. And third week in September we are away at the wedding and I am not sure what to do with her. The original plan was a dog sitter friend of my daughter's was going to stay here with her own and our three family dogs but I am thinking that is going to be too chaotic and I need someone who can take fairly careful care of her here until I get back. So far I don't have anyone to do that but am working on it.

Good news though is she is getting better. Trying to keep an energetic dog in pain quiet and still has not been all that easy to date.

Other news is I am winding down the end of my last term, only marking left, and going to be taking the fall off completely, and after that doing only a course or two a term of my favourite classes, and by distance. This is a huge life transition for me and one I am getting my head around, but in a good way, very good.

I will be teaching a few local sewing classes however when I get back from the wedding, and am looking forward to that.

Now to the title of this post and the picture that follows.

Last Saturday my husband and I made 107 eight ounce jars of blueberry jam. I drove to the country and got the berries right off the farm and we moved fast to get them all done when the berries were completely primo.

I have to say that it was quite the operation.

My husband prepped the batches for me, crushing the berries by hand, stirring in the lemon juice, and sugar. Being a systems guy he did several large bowls at a time so I could just move from one to the other.

In theory it was a good approach but right around noon this happened:

For reasons that would take too long to explain that man has a full sized double door fridge in his office in the house. He figures he needs stuff handy. Well at any rate he was using this fridge to store his prepped bowls and, moving at typical top speed, he slammed one into the door when he was putting it on the shelf.

What you don't see here is that this sugar berry mixture went all over the room too, right over his desk and all over his computer monitor. 

For once I was speechless and that hardly ever happens, I can tell you that.

When I heard his yell I left my post, temporarily, at the stove to go see what was up and all I could say was "well I guess you had better clean that up."

He had more or less figured this out.

Many sticky footsteps later he was back at it and about 10:30 that night we had screwed the last lid on the last jar.

Since this jam is destined to be handed out to wedding guests we are going to be sticking little circles of Nova Scotia tartan onto the lids.

But I think we might take a little break first, what do you think?