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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Finished socks and future knitting

Well here they are the first pair of socks, my maybe wearable muslin socks, (something that may make sense to you sewers) full of mistakes and obviously the totally wrong gauge. Followed the pattern but obviously have to go down a full 1 mm. in needle size next time. Also did one foot on dpn and one on small circulars and one foot is bigger than the other of course but I can't remember which is which. Will have to be very careful about gauge next time. I took me about an hour to graft the toes from a book. Interesting that I love hand sewing when I sew but hate using a needle at all when it is with yarn. I love anything seamless as a result.

I also have to figure out how to eliminate the holes at the ankles when you turn the heel.

Despite the fact that these are technique-wise about as skilled as a first home ec apron, I am very pleased with myself and am looking forward to making more on our car trip south.

One thing that interests me about planning projects is that my taste changes. Things that I thought looked cool look so dated to me a few years later and things I swore I never would wear I decide I like. This is an argument I think never to purge the sewing room too carefully.

Take vests.

I have always hated vests. Maybe the 80's did me in or all those sewing shows where we all wore those decorative boxy vests. Wearable art non-wearable garments.

Lately though I have been rethinking this. I was a cold winter here and I spent at least an hour everyday walking dogs and coming home chilled. Often I wished I had something warm for my core that still gave me arm movement and you know that spells vests. I have also realized that a lot of the blouses and shirts I wear fall and spring could work too in the winter with a third layer. The problem of course is that a lot of my shirts have 3/4 sleeves with cuffs and these get really lumpy under a cardigan.

So I have been wondering about vests and wondering if I made one or two if I would still hate them.

I my planning mind are one sewn (Burda 7494) and three possible knitted vests, including this one from Knitty ,  (would be faster than sweaters and would give me more new techniques to try out), the free patter chunky cable vest which is a free pattern from Lion Brand, and the gold cowboy vest from the latest Knitscene.  Due to midsection issues I am not sure, no actually I am sure, about short tight vests so I am thinking of these.

What do you think?