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Thursday, January 28, 2016

RV specifics

Since a few of you have asked, here is a picture of our RV with some details thoughts, flypaper style, on what I have learned about this new experience so far:

  • It is like living on a boat
  • Ship shape is not just a concept but a way of not losing your mind, or your pyjamas 
  • Can anyone tell me where I put my flowered PJs?
  • They were in my hand and then they weren't
  • If you wash your hair in water that still has the anti-freeze in it your hairstyle does't look so good
  • It will however have quite a fruity smell
  • Trader Joe's has the best frozen dinners if you are feeling Thai at a rest stop
  • It is nice to be snug with your own gear including the three vinegars you need and almond milk
  • If you don't snap the flusher back right it is possible to flood most of an RV between say exit 76 and exit 77
  • Camping World has free water and dumping
  • Dumping becomes something you get really interested in
  • Even if you are not a 14 year old boy
  • If you decide at the top of the Smokey mountains that the roads might be icy and there are too many trucks on the road you can pull into the Flying J truck stops
  • There the same trucks move over and you can stay all night, welcomed
  • One of those weird things you do and decide between you never to tell the kids
  • You can join a club that lets you stay at country clubs overnight if you golf
  • Guess who is writing this from the parking lot of a golf course in North Carolina?
  • Wonderful place for dog walking
  • Tupperware makes a microwave spaghetti maker that does al dente in less than one bottle of water
  • I can mark assignments on the road, strapped in and with my feet up
  • I feel like I am living in a tree house
  • I feel about eight years old
  • With fruity hair

On the road again

I am writing this from a rest stop in Virginia. We are headed to Knoxville and tomorrow to Georgia and eventually to Florida.

It turns out this travelling in an RV thing, something we have never done before, works out just fine for us. 

My husband was more or less a nervous wreck (he didn't show it and wouldn't admit it) when we first set out as this is all new to us and there is a lot of technology, pumps, pipes, hoses, gauges etc. he is pre-occpied with but really everything has been fine so far. Personally I like having all my own stuff right with me and being able to eat proper meals at the nice roadside stops they have in this part of the country and walk Daisy and look at the cows.

Hauling stuff in and out of hotels when you are trying to do point A to point B is just about as fun as it sounds. This is so much better and more comfortable. Plus I can reach all my projects easily and avoid those mega gas station stops with all the weary people and all the popcorn chicken and fries that are cold by the time you get back to the car.

We are staying off the main highways, toodling along and realizing how much you miss on the I-95.

Of course we had a bit of a delay waiting for the storm to pass, and this made me have to cancel my visit into New York to see my son and daughter-in-law, but will catch them later.

In the end I took good advice and left all my UFOs at home. I have decided to fool around this trip and probably use the time to try out some Indie patterns. I have a printer here and a bit of random fabric and many of the Indies are fairly simple patterns suitable for small space sewing. My intention is to be totally honest (an advantage to being just a blip in the blogosphere) and if I find an Indie that I don't think works, find another one that is similar that does.

So that's it.

For a while here there will be experimental test activities without any real purpose apart from being interesting to me.

So watch for completely unrelated posts on my thoughts on sewing in general, generational sewing differences, sewing culture development and, of course, Indie patterns.

If anyone out there would like me to try, or share thoughts on, any particular Indie pattern let me know.