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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Realism sewing

Not unrelated to my editing thoughts are my minor sewing projects of the week. Christmas is on its way and with it the hundreds of jobs (as I wind up my job too before the holidays) that it seems the women in the family always do. A highpoint was picking up my middle son who came in from London via Newark at 3:00 a.m. two nights ago. He will be here for about three weeks before he moves to Washington to start a new job. The best thing about having him in London in many ways from my own selfish point of view is that Washington seems so close to Nova Scotia and I see only a line of fabric shopping between the two of us now.

Back to sewing. 

I had of course huge plans of slipcover making but the more I thought about it I do not want to ever make slipcovers. I tried wrapping some fabric over the chairs and I realized that I am infinitely interested in seeing how fabric wraps around the human body, but have zero interest in the body of a couch. When I thought more deeply about it I also had to ask myself, why do I need to have slipcovers?

The reason is because Mr. Rascal sleeps on the couch and the chair, and he is only 23 pounds. Some days we also babysit my daughter's Golden Retriever when her mom, a nurse, works days. So I realize that all this angst was over two dogs (we won't go into the alternative which is both dogs could and should be trained not to sleep on the furniture) and that I could achieve chair protection and a much lower cost, more energy efficient way.

So I am posting here my mental vision of what I thought I would be producing and what I actually made and my actual solution. 

That solution involved some dark denim with fleece fused to it, some minimal fitting and a quick serge around the edge. What I lack in finesse I have gained in speed and the rapidity with which I can remove these covers when I have civilized guests. A far cry from Exhibit A but suits the clientele just fine, and best of all involves both significant personal growth on my part (faced facts about what kind of sewer I am) and freed up time to do what I really want to.