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Monday, May 5, 2014

Quick summer dress

Thank you so much for all the supportive comments. Much appreciated. I heard at the shelter that puppy mill moms are the most difficult dogs to take in - all they know is being in a cage, the puppies at least get to leave. They are generally fearful and poorly socialized.

So far Miss Daisy is exceeding expectations as they say in the big world. She is apparently making up, mile by mile, for all the time outside she never had before and is excellent on our long walks, social and gentle with every person and dog we meet. She doesn't know how to play yet (we have a couple of fun dogs at home in the family who will help with that) and had no clue what stairs were. She follows me around one step behind me all day and sleeps happily with us all night.

The only incident we had was when we went out to golf, the first time we had left her, and she chewed a hole in her beautiful nylon traveling crate. We got a shock when we came home and she was not in there, until we found her upstairs in the bedroom sitting beside a pair of my shoes. Point taken, enough being caged up for this lifetime.

Here is the latest picture, the ears are coming up:

Now I realize too that this is meant to be a sewing blog and yes I have done some sewing.

Here is the latest version of Brensan Designs KISS dress that goes together so nicely.

I know I always accuse my photographer of taking my picture all slanted over, but seeing this I realize that what is off kilter is me. But so are the trees, so at least we have a theme going. Stretch cotton sateen from Mood, finally sewn up.

This pattern has optional back and front French darts but since I wanted a sort of everyday dress I put in the back darts so it wouldn't look like a sack, but left out the front darts to spare myself the experience of looking down and my belly under the seatbelt in the car and seeing the rolls. It just makes it more comfortable to wear, even though it does reveal the realities of my figure:

I like this pattern so much because it requires zero fitting finesse and because of the cool construction techniques. The best one is the way the top of the back seam is sewn for the first few inches ( you can get the neckline over your head) and then the zipper is inserted. So neat and so much nicer than all that fiddly unsatisfying stuff you usually get at the top of a zipper in a dress:

The facings are bagged so the neckline and armholes are particularly neat, you can find that technique here.

An excellent pattern.