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Monday, February 22, 2010

Travel, patterns and sewing thoughts

I really needed this break, I have been a little worn out and as I observed in my photo, when my thyroid goes nuts unattractive things happen like a bunch of my hair falls out. Time to get my style back.

In transit here I did what I always do in airports and sat and watched what people were wearing, particularly those my age. I gave a mental first prize to a lady, older than I am by about 5 years or so in DC who was traveling in black tights, boots, a grey knit skirt, a darker grey cashmere pullover and a black silk blouse, and of course pearls. She just looked comfortable and chic. Makes me think that you can overthink dress and bypass the value of just simple dress.

I also realized how regional style is, by of course when I arrived in Nashville the same woman looked harsh and the Southern lady across the aisle in her grey wool trousers, soft grey boots and turquoise cashmere sweater (that seemed to match her eyes) looked a lot more normal.


Which brings me to the question of maintaining your femininity as you get older. Let's face it a lot of older women start to look fairly masculine and in the South you see the campaign against this in action. Of course the styles this spring for all these frou-frou tops and I am not sure about that, I am a tall and sort of tailored person, but might consider a rose bag as a compromise, figure that is something a tall person can carry off.

It is all tricky but worth thinking about. I think grooming is key. Of course I would love to cover the grey in my hair but the hair is under siege enough without the damage and my hairdresser is very good and this is his view. 

One thing I am going to do is keep sewing dresses for spring and summer, my legs are a better feature than my hair, and dresses are the most comfortable thing in the warmer weather. I am delighted to see some New Look dress patterns available here that I can't get in Canada so picked those up. I have some great linens I picked up last trip to the States and am looking forward to cutting into those when I get home.

Now off for more biscuits ...

Here in Tennessee

Here I am now just out of Knoxville Tennessee in the first leg of my US spring break trip visiting DH who has been here working on a project since December. We are not quite sure when his company will be sending him back to Canada so we decided I should get down here to check out a part of the continent that is pretty far from Nova Scotia. 

I love it here and we have been having a great time. DH being the prince that he is has been doing what I want to do and that included a trip to the Yarn Haven in Knoxville. This place is fantastic.
Since I can't stand to not do anything with my hands, even when I travel, I decided that it was time I learned to knit socks. This seems like a logical step for someone who has mastered dishcloths. The nice lady in the Yarn Haven hooked me up with a nice pattern and some tiny circular needles (which I love) and off I went (plus a ton of other accessories etc. which I explained to my prince were really very astute investments). I can't believe that having already crammed my little house to the roof with fabric and I am now going to start on yarn.

Oh well I need something to fit into the corners.