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I am a mother, a grandmother, and a teacher. But whatever happens in my life, I keep sewing. I have worked as a political communicator and now as a teacher in my formal life. I have also written extensively on sewing. I have been a frequent contributor and contributing editor of Threads magazine and the Australian magazine Dressmaking with Stitches. My book Sew.. the garment-making book of knowledge was published in May 2018 and is available for pre-order from Amazon

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

A podcast interview

Well folks for those of you who might think I just have to be better organized and more serious in person than in print well here's evidence that I am not.

A fun interview I did just before the holidays with the Clothing Mavens is now up.


Flypaper thoughts one and a half more days at home edition

  • Tuesday morning we hit the frozen road
  • We are like sailors waiting for a break in the weather
  • Yes I know it is still frigid in the South
  • But I am wearing two pairs of fleece leggings on top of each other here right now
  • Plus two stops are to see my boys and my DIL
  • Nothing going to stop that
  • The grandchildren here assure me they won't forget me
  • Feel so bad I yelled when they poured Dawn dish detergent on the fruit cake last week
  • Said it was an experiment
  • Their mother doesn't endorse this kind of science
  • And I know their mother
  • One tough customer
  • When she had time outs as a child 
  • She used to pass notes out under the door that said I love you Mommy
  • Hard to break that spirit
  • Glad I didn't
  • Probably couldn't
  • Now the check list of things to take
  • My list is different than my husband's
  • His includes things like tire pressure gauge
  • Mine includes things like four different kinds of interfacing
  • Going to post updates on my travels on Instagram
  • We go through rural American and state parks
  • Meet interesting people this way
  • Last year a traveling church organist
  • Formerly a music teacher from New York
  • And four lost hikers on a mountain
  • Boy were they glad to see us
  • Don't let me forget to take my seam roll
  • Going to have two dogs this time
  • Miss Daisy of course who always wants to know if we are there yet
  • And Birdie, my son's dog, who we are delivering to Austin
  • A border collie, he's going to have trouble herding us around the rv
  • His great on border patrol, doing a regular circuit of the house at night
  • That should take him about 4 seconds in the rv
  • Then I guess he will start again
  • Mmm
  • How many miles?
  • Love road trips
  • So much better than flying
  • No security
  • Unless you count being sent back into the house with the back-up serger
  • You keep your shoes on
  • Until you change them for slippers in the rv
  • Leg room
  • I use an exercise ball to put my feet up as we drive
  • Food you can afford and is worth eating
  • Husband has the crockpot sitting in the sink and plugged in
  • He can control the temp by a switch in the driver's seat
  • I am not kidding
  • "Sounds like it might be bubbling" he says
  • "Should turn it down"
  • And he does
  • Of course this is a man who once cooked pork chops in a George Forman plugged into the cigarette lighter while he was driving
  • Who says we don't travel first class?
  • Also no flight cancellations
  • We are leaving Tuesday a.m. no matter what
  • If the weather gets bad we will pull over and open that crockpot
  • BTW I have a request
  • For some reason my traveling partner has this brilliant idea we should play cards at night
  • Thought it would be a nice couple activity
  • It figured watching me sew counted as that
  • Anyway I am not a game person
  • Only card game I ever liked was a Greek one called kalisinta
  • But can't remember all the rules and can't find them online
  • Every card game my husband knows has 900 rules and is obscure to Nova Scotia
  • That means really obscure
  • To a province where there is lots of time to play cards
  • And make up lots of rules
  • He is happy to explain the rules to me between here and Texas
  • You can see my dilemma
  • Any suggestions for alternatives I can offer?
  • In the meantime I have to find my twin needles
  • Pretty sure the cover hem will mean I am going to have to pay excess baggage
  • And I want that money to buy fabric
  • Don't let me forget the wooly nylon either
  • Better get cracking