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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Flypaper thoughts one and a half more days at home edition

  • Tuesday morning we hit the frozen road
  • We are like sailors waiting for a break in the weather
  • Yes I know it is still frigid in the South
  • But I am wearing two pairs of fleece leggings on top of each other here right now
  • Plus two stops are to see my boys and my DIL
  • Nothing going to stop that
  • The grandchildren here assure me they won't forget me
  • Feel so bad I yelled when they poured Dawn dish detergent on the fruit cake last week
  • Said it was an experiment
  • Their mother doesn't endorse this kind of science
  • And I know their mother
  • One tough customer
  • When she had time outs as a child 
  • She used to pass notes out under the door that said I love you Mommy
  • Hard to break that spirit
  • Glad I didn't
  • Probably couldn't
  • Now the check list of things to take
  • My list is different than my husband's
  • His includes things like tire pressure gauge
  • Mine includes things like four different kinds of interfacing
  • Going to post updates on my travels on Instagram
  • We go through rural American and state parks
  • Meet interesting people this way
  • Last year a traveling church organist
  • Formerly a music teacher from New York
  • And four lost hikers on a mountain
  • Boy were they glad to see us
  • Don't let me forget to take my seam roll
  • Going to have two dogs this time
  • Miss Daisy of course who always wants to know if we are there yet
  • And Birdie, my son's dog, who we are delivering to Austin
  • A border collie, he's going to have trouble herding us around the rv
  • His great on border patrol, doing a regular circuit of the house at night
  • That should take him about 4 seconds in the rv
  • Then I guess he will start again
  • Mmm
  • How many miles?
  • Love road trips
  • So much better than flying
  • No security
  • Unless you count being sent back into the house with the back-up serger
  • You keep your shoes on
  • Until you change them for slippers in the rv
  • Leg room
  • I use an exercise ball to put my feet up as we drive
  • Food you can afford and is worth eating
  • Husband has the crockpot sitting in the sink and plugged in
  • He can control the temp by a switch in the driver's seat
  • I am not kidding
  • "Sounds like it might be bubbling" he says
  • "Should turn it down"
  • And he does
  • Of course this is a man who once cooked pork chops in a George Forman plugged into the cigarette lighter while he was driving
  • Who says we don't travel first class?
  • Also no flight cancellations
  • We are leaving Tuesday a.m. no matter what
  • If the weather gets bad we will pull over and open that crockpot
  • BTW I have a request
  • For some reason my traveling partner has this brilliant idea we should play cards at night
  • Thought it would be a nice couple activity
  • It figured watching me sew counted as that
  • Anyway I am not a game person
  • Only card game I ever liked was a Greek one called kalisinta
  • But can't remember all the rules and can't find them online
  • Every card game my husband knows has 900 rules and is obscure to Nova Scotia
  • That means really obscure
  • To a province where there is lots of time to play cards
  • And make up lots of rules
  • He is happy to explain the rules to me between here and Texas
  • You can see my dilemma
  • Any suggestions for alternatives I can offer?
  • In the meantime I have to find my twin needles
  • Pretty sure the cover hem will mean I am going to have to pay excess baggage
  • And I want that money to buy fabric
  • Don't let me forget the wooly nylon either
  • Better get cracking


SilverMom said...


My DH and I have been playing a nightly game of cribbage since we became empty nesters about 8 years ago. I had noticed that with no offspring to discuss, analyze, agonize about, etc., DH and I needed some way to interact...and in a fun way. Before I retired, I played regularly during my work lunch hour and enjoyed it very much. Luckily, DH was willing to learn the game, and it has turned out SO well. Really, it has deepened and enriched our marriage - we do a lot of laughing and joking over our (mostly) fake competitiveness.

It's a two person game that is very portable, easy to learn and play. Have fun!

Sheila said...

How about Strip Jack Naked which is a variation on Snap?

Elle said...

Does he knit?

Brenda said...

My husband and I just started playing the board game Sequence together. Very few rules and quite fun without too much pressure or strategy. And I'm not a game person either.

Enjoy your trip!

RebeccaHoward said...

How about Gin Rummy? I am just about capable of remembering the rules between games with my kids. With a bit of prompting. There are about 5 instructions/rules.

Wendy said...

I'm not a game player either. We enjoy doing crosswords and other NYT puzzles together.

Anonymous said...

Yes to cribbage. The rules are straight forward and the math simple. No need to brush up on forgotten times tables.

Jennifer said...

Gin rummy! Easy to learn, good for two people but can be played with more. Can play a single hand or play a series where first to plus or minus 500 points wins/loses

Cuscini said...

Cribbage is my recommendation, and I see that a number of others agree with me! My mom and dad used to play and after he passed away, I had Mom, who is 87, teach me; it was one of the smartest ideas I've ever had. Sometimes I actually win, too!

Eileensews said...

Have a safe trip. By the way it is warming up in the south, finally. I sent you my contact information via facebook as I think you may be passing through my state.

MaryEllen said...

I just listening to your guest post on Sewialists podcast. Loved hearing you read the flypaper! Love your knit hem series & would love a zipper series. Your knowledge is sew down to earth -thanks

Leigh said...

The only card game we used to play was Spite and Malice. No idea why its called that. Here's a link to the rules. It's like solitaire, building up from Aces to Kings, and getting rid of your 'stack'.
Need some extra decks of cards. We played one deck per player, so when there was six, shuffling was a challenge.

Another group played Uno, which is a card deck you can just buy at the store. I've never played cribbage but backgammon was fun as I remember. What about board games? There's some interesting sounding ones now. All new from when I was a kid and we played Battleship, Sorry and Life.

Mireya Appleby said...

Just prepurchased your book after hearing you on the Clothes Making Mavens podcast!

Lori said...

While you are en route, the game Rubberneckers is fun for all ages. You have cards with things to look for and points for each (basketball hoop, adopt a highway sign, bird on a wire, etc.). Highly recommended

Beth said...

I love the idea of traveling by RV, brilliant. Need to convince kid #1 and #2 to move back to same continent. Safe travels!