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Sunday, January 24, 2010

And finally the dishcloth

To prove that although I enjoy knitting I am not a great knitter, but what I understand is a process knitter. It soothes me.

Here is the pattern, one I am sure everyone has:

1. Cast on four stitches.
2. Knit one, yarn over, knit to the end.
3. Do the above row until there are 44 stitches on the needle (I love that I only have to remember one number, four, in this whole pattern).
4. Once there are the 44 stitches next row you start the decrease.
5. Knit one, knit two together, knit one, knit two together, knit to the end.
6. When all that is left is 4 stitches cast off.

You can make about one a day of these if you really need settling down.

My mutton dressed as lamb series

I loved the Ottobre dress (#9) I made for Christmas so much that I decided to make a few more for round the house wear out of some cotton and rayon leftovers I had kicking around. I wear these both with jeans and with some leggings I got on sale when Christmas shopping. I am too old for these I am sure but they are wonderful comfort clothes for housework, schlepping and sewing/knitting. Being tall I like the length of them, no exposed back when I scrub out the bathtub for instance. Of course it has occurred to me that doing some baby sewing I may be starting to dress myself like a baby, but I spend so much time in the adult world I think that is just fine. I won't be doing a lot of baby sewing, her dad's cousin has four little girls and the clothes keep rolling in, some still with the tags on them, and it seems to me that babies these days have so much more than my kids ever did. But I will make a few special things and some knitted stuff, like the thick mitts and boots from Icelandic wool I made last week. This country is just too damn cold in the winter.

Catch up on Christmas sewing

I felt better after I posted last night and appreciated the comments. I have decided that rather than wait until things settle down and are worked out for me that I should just do what I would do anyway.

So I am posting some pictures of my Christmas sewing. Here are some matching pj's I made for my daughter and grand-daughter. Being a mother of a three month old and tired a lot of the time, DD changed into the pj's half way through Christmas dinner. I am wearing a navy velour sort of smock dress from an Ottobre pattern that was very comfortable for the day and of course I made a sort of matching one for my granddaughter, pictured here with her five month old cousin. I also made her leggings, trimmed a onesie with stretch lace and knit her some little Mary Jane shoes.