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Monday, September 10, 2012

Banded cardigan: Pamela's patterns


Here is another experiment with Pamela's patterns and a wearable muslin version of this pattern that I will probably wear.

The fabric was not outstanding, a sale ponte from Fabricmart that I tried without success to dye as I never wear purple.

I tried to de-purple it but despite hot machine washing, two loads of navy dye and even an indignant round in the dryer, it came out exactly the same - at least it didn't pill - further demonstrating it was resistant to everything.

I am finding these patterns quite interesting to sew in a basic garment sort of way. The designs are not what you call fashion forward but they probably have legs to an extent because of that. And they are easy to construct with most of the work at the front end as pre-measurements and fit-as-you- sew.

If you have ever spent time working through a TNT and sorting out the fitting issues you will appreciate the way these patterns are constructed, with lots of pauses asking you to try it on, to respond to a fitting question, and to tell you how to fix it before you move on. 

There seems to me to be a fair amount of experience in fitting in these patterns.

The other thing that sort of surprises me is how different the fit is between sizes and the full bust and ordinary bust fronts (there are two pattern pieces for each). If you look at my last T shirt as an extra small and the previous one as a small with the full front - they come from another planet. You might have to fool around with different sizes to get one right.

The forward shoulder and full tummy built in is nice and I note a real curve at the hip in this jacket for example. I had to serge this pronounced curve off my jacket once I tried it on because I don't really have any hip curve at all.

Now to pictures of the jacket taken by my cheerful photographer who thinks remembering to include my whole head is a triumph but never notices the hair piece sticking straight up or that the bedroom curtain is wonky because he had just closed the window.

At any rate. Willing workers should get nothing but praise.

Pretty basic but I quite like it. I will post dress form close-ups tomorrow when I am not so tired after having taught all day.

This is sort of a something-to-put-on-over jacket and really needs a great fabric to carry it into something interesting, I have just that fabric in mind.

A cardigan in name only really as this meets in the middle but falls open and the funnel neck at the back gives it a little pleat around the neck but without the big drape of all those waterfall jackets, you might see more of that here from the side:

 I think this pattern has potential and I will be exploring that soon.