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Sunday, November 24, 2013

On the fly

Just checking in to let you know I am still here. 

Flew in tonight after a really great weekend in NYC with my son and his girlfriend. I stayed with them for the first time this visit and really enjoyed that. I am not a formal person so walking around talking in my pyjamas is my speed. The son really lucked out with this girl and so did I. I met her folks too for the first time and they were really nice people, makes sense with a daughter like that.

In between eating great food and walking around Brooklyn which is new to me, I did take the subway and hit the garment district. A shorter trip this time because I had a concert to go to at night and didn't see hauling in my usual giant bags of fabric would be appropriate. However I did some light shopping and observing and this is a little of that for those of you, like me, who don't get out much:

  • Do you know you can buy zippers with the tape in unbleached cotton so you can dye to match? How cool is that? 
  • Do you know Mood is selling invisible zippers for $1 each and the tapes are narrow 3/8" for RTW seam allowances? 
  • Do you know I bought bright orange rayon double knit for a dress? I can't believe it myself actually. Three weeks in the wet grey Nova Scotia fall did something to my head. It was the only colour I wanted that day, sort of like I had colour scurvy and needed it.
  • You know those purse patterns that call for D rings? Botani's has 8,000 versions in different shapes and colours, all different.
  • Do you know you can hold up a metal teeth jacket zipper to your body and the folks at most places just cut it to that size?
  • Do you know that they make rectangular sew in snaps are smooth and shiny like mirrors?
  • Do you know that if you drop your ice cream cone on the sidewalk and go back in for another one, if you are an older woman and it is raining and you remind them of your grandmother or someone escaped from a mental hospital, they will replace it for free?
  • Do you know the subway is easy?
  • Do you know Macy's sells Polish makeup?
  • Do you know that not one person in NYC or Nova Scotia is wearing a bright orange dresses this winter?
  • Do you know that might change?
Now tomorrow. Back to work.