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Friday, July 20, 2012

Next up: the Jodie dress from Stylearc

I have decided that one thing about my line is that I am more comfortable in tailored, structured shapes than drapey things.

This doesn't mean buttoned up, blazer tailored, just not fussy.

So on that note I have cut out and hope to sew StyleArc's Jodie dress this weekend:

It's a bit quirky (might be characteristic of the line) and I am making it up in some retro patterned cotton twill, but I can see it in a fall jumper in who knows, denim with a good zipper.

BTW if any of you have a good source for exposed zippers I would like to know it. The store at the bottom of the street seems to carry only ones that you would use to fix a sleeping bag. OK for a prototype but not for a more fashionable version if this works.

The fit is pretty slim but I am counting on those side panels. If per pattern is too tight I have enough fabric to replace them with roomier versions - see a working wearable muslin.

On the StyleArc theme have you seen this version of the Victoria blouse on the website? I have white fabric left over from a certain delusion stage and this would do it.

Might hold off and see what's new for August but this one is going on the line up.


a little sewing said...

you have white fabric on hand? I am shocked!
I do love the looks of that shirt!

Margy said...

These are some good places for zippers...sorry, I couldn't seem to make the links live...

Belinda said...

The Victoria is coming my way soon! I got the notice that it shipped yesterday. Along with 4 other patterns. I'm anxious to see it. I thought about doing some color blocking with it.

The jodi looks interesting too. I must have missed it when I was looking around. I'll be waiting to see what you make of it.

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

The Jodi dress looks a lot like the Tibi Long Sleeve dress that's on Shop Bop right now. I've wondered if there was a pattern out there like the Shop Bop dress.