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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vogue 8810

My apologies.

You know I like to blog a lot.

Truth is I am not firing on all cylinders at the moment and my half days feel like full days right now.

Yesterday was a great day by the way. The whole day.

Some sewing friends and I met up at one friend's house (where she has the most beautiful and well equipped sewing room of all time) for an afternoon of sewing and then a BBQ.  This was my first social day out and man did I ever enjoy it.

I knit and gave my two cents worth on Sheila's tissue fit of two jackets, she makes beautiful jackets, and checked out Cindy's version of this skirt, which I have been mulling over since last summer:

It's a pattern, like many others, you really need to see in person before you can make up your mind. I sort of thought initially that the pockets looked like I should be selling hotdogs at the game, you know to keep change, or with one of those coin dispenser things on a belt, but it's far classier than that.

This, I realize, would be a perfect golf skirt, you could keep your tees and a couple of spare golf balls in there. Maybe some snacks, and it is an excellent housework skirt.

I could tear around here, when I am back to tearing around, picking up pins and putting them in those pockets before someone found them in their foot, spare buttons, single socks, dried dog food that someone named Rascal has transported to another room.

The possibilities are endless. Classy stuff. And I could make it in denim, which I still have left overs off.

And what do you know Vogue patterns are on sale on BVM this morning so obviously the sewing gods are right there with me on this one. Into the cart and checked out.

But that's all later.

Always one mental project ahead.

Which brings me to Vogue 8810.

Here it is, you tell me what you think and I will tell you what I think:

Old Navy belt instead of the tie in a bow over my stomach. I am not crazy.

Requisite bossy subject shot. BTW about that rope. There is no 50 shades of grey going at at this house, you better believe that, (and it's not going to get read here either), but I was putting away the dog rope as part of my elaborate staging for the photo shoot.

OK what can I say about this dress:

  • It was easy to make. That's where I am at the moment so that's a good thing.
  • I added about a inch to the top and two to the skirt. It really is a straight skirt pattern with a top attached. It might be possible to jam them together and cut it out as one but there is a little shaping to the waistline on the skirt that I think is useful so I made it up as I was supposed to. Unusually.
  • The tie if you have a concave stomach is made by top stitching on a casing above the waist seam. Just so you know. I threw the casing piece out.
  • I used sort of heavish denim because it was $12 a meter cheaper than lighter denim, but maybe this was a shade heavy for the band treatment around the armholes. Sort of semi-flange armhole that is also fairly cut away - you can see that in the bossy, non-bondage shot.
OK now the thing is this is a straight skirt, 3 1/2" of ease across the hips which is fine in a straight skirt with seams and a strong zipper, but not quite the same when it is held together at the front with buttons.

This is always a problem with shirt dresses if they are narrow and I knew that going in but choose to ignore that prior knowledge.

It's a find standing up dress but you might want to think about carrying a sweater, or a large purse, or a small dog with you to put on your lap when you sit down.

I definitely wish I had made this in stretch denim, which would have been $12 more a meter.

As it is I spent considerable time this afternoon practicing sitting down positions in front of a mirror so no one would confuse me with Sharon Stone in that Basic Instincts, uncrossing her legs in the movie shot - not that I am confused with Sharon Stone a lot, not that I ever don't wear underwear.

You might want to think ahead about this and wear something that really could be mistaken as only underwear in this dress in case the dog jumps off your lap and you cross your legs.

It's that kind of dress, and I do a lot of standing up.

So I like it, but wish it stretched.


Anonymous said...

That is a great dress (even if you do have to stand a lot:)

Margy said...

I DO love your posts...:)

Janine said...

Too funny, I have a small dog that would match perfectly with this dress.

Karin said...

It looks good in the pictures! Sadly, it's not the practical dress you had in mind, if you can't sit down!

Branka said...

Love your posts, you ALWAYS make me laugh! And the dress is great!

Julie Culshaw said...

Sandra Betzina advises adding walking ease to button-front garments, even coats. Slash next to the centre front, and spread the pattern apart so that you gain about 1 1/2" at the hem, it still hangs straight but gives you more room. Definitely a problem with these dresses.
BTW, I think it looks great on you.

Carol said...

I LOVE your always make me laugh! I've got this dress on my cutting table right now. So glad you made mention of the button issue. My fabric is a stretch chambray but I think I'll take your review in advisement and add a bit of ease to the skirt so that I CAN sit down. I work at a desk all day, so sitting is a must!

The armhole it a bit large you say? I always have this issue with arm holes on just about everything, so do you suggest I raise the bottom of the armhole up a bit?

It looks great on your BTW!

Jeanneke said...

I love your posts, always a pleasure reading and you make me laugh... It's the way you write, your great sense of humor...



Calypso Flowers said...

So glad they didn't cut out your sense of humour when you were under the knife ! It looks great. And you do too !

Barbara said...

Carol I wouldn't lower the armhole as much as put more fabric at the front of it (you can see why in my picture) unless you have attractive armpits which I do not.

Barbara said...

I made that skirt in a stretch denim and it seemed a little heavy. It could have been the fit, though, that made it seem a little off. It has a wide waistband that sits just a tad above the natural waist. I have a low waist and found it extremely uncomfortable. The skirt is sitting on the donation pile and I will remake it with a facing top instead of the waistband. Just a heads up if you have a long torso.

The dress looks comfy and casual, but I hear you about the worry of flashing when you sit down!

Anonymous said...

Trust your instincts! Your denim dress is just fabulous with the changes you made. You look so slim in it, too.