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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Let's hope you brought your sense of humour


Well the Jodie jumper/dress is finished.

Took me a while because of 50 frantic students realizing that a summer course is only 6 weeks long, even though it contains a full term of 12 weeks of content, and that even if it is nice days outside, well time still marches on - and those due dates for major assignments can sneak up.

That's a summary, but I think you get the drift.

Of course in a live classroom you can look them in the eye and talk, but online they usually email you the hysterical questions, which have to be answered one by one. 

Listen I love them, but I earn my money.

Next my husband's company announced they are shipping him off to some hydro-electric something in Goose Bay Labrador although they are promising to bring him home every couple of weeks regularly, which didn't happen when he was in Tennessee.

The thing is Tennessee had a nice Joann's and the Yarn Haven.

Think Goose Bay has black flies.

Now there have been moments when I have threatened that if they sent him off for the fourth winter running "I don't know what I will do." 

Problem is I still don't.

So I had to take a few days to throw myself around and make clear that even though I have no real control over this latest round of going away, I am A Really Terrific Wife Who Really Everyone Should Appreciate.

So after I took a few days to do my throwing myself around and had clearly established my right to be buying a lot of online fabric, I pulled myself together and finished the Jodie Jumper.


As my students would say, and do. Too often.

I added a bit to the length and should have added a lot.

A real lot.

So I drove myself over to my daughter's, because I had some sewing machine looking to do over there (more on that tomorrow) with my camera.

When I walked in the door with the Jodie on the hanger she thought it was a Grow Bag, you know one of those baby sleeping bag things.

This was not, I figured, a great start.

It made me think that maybe I am too old for something called a Jodie.

Does StyleArc have a pattern called Darlene do you think? Or maybe Beverly? 

How about a Joyce?

She agreed to take the pictures if I promised never to wear this out in public.

Except maybe as a beach cover-up or in Florida where people's bifocals are pretty steamed up anyway with the humidity.

OK, I'm stalling.

We shot this down in her sewing room where the light is lousy but I wanted to stand beside her industrial sewing machine so you wouldn't think these pictures were a total loss.

Put your coffees down and take a look.

Yeah and the hair is sort of electric.

Now I have worked out some pattern instruction improvements that I will post if anyone is interested.

Just in case you have a need for an adult grow bag.

And I have not totally given up on this pattern. Being pretty weird is something I tend not to hold against anything or anyone and I figure if I add about a yard to the length I still might do a denim jumper one.

See you by the pool. Or down the basement.


shams said...

lol. Actually, I think that is cute on you! Short, yes, but cute!

Perfect for Florida. ;)

Belinda said...

You know...I agree with Shams. I like it on you!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Cute--and short. I think Jodie would be very happy in Florida. Elle

Pearl said...


I love your writing :-)

I do like the dress on you; it's perfect for Florida, or for bumming around the house.

Jodie said...

Well as a Jodie (and it's spelled the way my name is) I feel honour bound to comment.
First of all, taught high school summer school this July. One course in 3 weeks. Eek. At least I saw them every day and could keep saying, and the exam is....but still. Their stress sort of gloms onto you, you know?
Anyway, the Jodie. I agree with Shams, cute on you, perfect for Florida, but a bit short. Knee length would be perfect (I think) and the denim would be great.
Good to hear from you, keep on sewing!

Kay said...

I think Jodie is really cute, just not for street wear. Yes, it would be great on the beach, but the side view immediately made me think breakfast. I don't know why. I just picture it cooking eggs, then lounging around reading the morning (virtual) paper, with you inside.

You have really nice legs, by the way.

Andrea said...

What a riot, I laughed out loud! The Jodie is cute on you. Being a Floridian, I'd say it's great for down here. By the pool, around the house, it's all good.
But I get your daughter making you promise not to wear it. My almost 17 year old just told me my nail polish color was 'too young' for me. Can I borrow your Jodie to go with my polish?

Margy said...

I'm joining the crowd in saying "you look pretty cute in that dress...tunic, top, whatever...", but I'm with you, I kinda distrust anything named "the Jodie"... try it again, I bet you can "make it work"...

Anonymous said...

I think it looks fine and I am sure you will wear it in an appropriate place. But reading these posts makes me think that all of us would have a great time if we all got together. Must admit that I don't know what a baby grow bag is. And,please don't tell me that your husband has to spend the winter in Labrador.


Mary said...

Wear it, but do NOT bend over.

It's really cute, and you have a great set of gams, and it is Florida.

Karin said...

As someone born and raised in South Florida, I think this dress fits right in. Not just on the beach, but anywhere. You'd look down right dressed up if you wore it to Publix etc. The dress was designed in Australia, I guess they have similar weather.

Never been to Nova Scotia, so not sure how it fits in there...maybe it's a dress that requires a vacation!

Bunny said...

Well, we just discovered great legs, so I say go for it! It looks darling for a casual trip to the market. Now does that mean some old coot at the Publix won't follow you around the store? Can't promise!

Elaray said...

Jodie is really a cute dress! It's perfect for wearing on a beach vacation.

(Daughters can be so bossy – especially when they know they are right! But we love them anyway.)

Rebecca Clayton said...

You can carry it off. (I sure couldn't, but shifts never worked for me, even when I was young and skinny.) If you really love it (oh, those pockets!) and make one as a jumper, could you wear it with leggings or opaque tights so you wouldn't feel so exposed?

LinB said...

HAHAHAAHAAAA! Yep, it's a Florida dress for sure. You could wear as a tunic over jeans and a turtleneck this winter, maybe. (She thought it was a grow bag, chortle chortle snort!) Ah, life is grand. And I second Mary's advice: Don't bend over.

jirons42 said...

Other than being short, I really like this dress.

Anonymous said...

When I looked at the first photograph, I said to myself, "Cute Florida beach or poolside dress." When I saw the second photo, I thought, "Nope. A nightgown with pockets except the zipper would hurt." LOL!

a little sewing said...

Very cute dress! but I know how a short dress works on my own same-age-as-yours-basically body.
Only on the beach or by the pool.

But really, it is super cute on you!

Anonymous said...

I like it!!! You have nice legs, so why not? Nova Scotia is more reserved than Florida, but why not wear it on a walk by the ocean? Like spend the day at Peggy's Cove...I sure would!!! ...then have supper at that lighthouse restaurant. In your new dress!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Wow! That is short BUT you have great legs! I think it will make a wonderful beach cover-up! ;)

Mae said...

My legs aren't as beautiful as yours, but my Jodie dress is going to be perfect for sipping latte at a beach cafe in Cairns. Or for work. But I won't pack it for my trip to Nova Scotia.

Martha said...

It's a cute grow bag. Very cute.

Texan said...

I think its cute on you too, if it were as long as the front all the way around it would be perfect I think. The side is where it snuck up a bit :O). But even so it looks good on you over all, its real cute :O)

Ninja Ryder said...

You look great, and I love it! This pattern is on its way to me but I waited weeks to order it, wondering if I would/could/should wear it. I'm glad to see it made up - thanks for the pics!

Style Arc instructions encourage self-sufficiency. Sometimes projects take me longer than they should, as I triple-check the envelope for missing pages.