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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fall Vogues

First off thanks for the useful comments on my Jodie.

Honestly. I am mad at myself.

I have been adding length onto garments since I was 12 so there was no excuse for this. I knew it would be short but didn't calculate the short side inserts and the sort of tail things.

And I don't wear clothes I can't bend over in. So beach for sure or I will get some of those cropped legging things and wear that underneath and feel nerdy.

Now onto big surprises which are the new fall Vogues.

Usually I like only one or two really a lot and there are a few that I would wear if I were a totally different person with a totally different lifestyle and a totally different body and a family who were more polite.

However I really liked so many of these new patterns.

Here are my picks and annotations:

Good Jodiesque recovery. Knit and can use those neat zippers Margy put me onto from Ghee's. Could wear it as a jumper and I Would Make It Longer.

Probably won't make it unless I find these fabrics but think it is cool. Notice that it is sort of baggy around the stomach though but that is fine because so am I.

I love this so much it kills me and definitely in red. I would wear this at Christmas with an apron over it of course.

Not a bad skirt and the top would be something interesting and new in a fine knit, of course the charmeuse and chiffon are what make it look good. Hope it is lifestyle appropriate - this is not the view I am seeing from my office right now.

The photo is a print and you can't see this detail so here it is. Just looks both comfortable and elegant and ladylike. 

Speaking of ladylike. I think I wore this years ago and haven't seen short sleeved dresses in ages. Where am I going to get all this nice wool double knit?

If you look at the line drawing, will try to post that down below, you can see his is quite structured, sort of interesting.

Comfortable work skirt and nice in a bright. I have tons of red gab.

If anyone thinks I am sewing this they are nuts but there were years I searched for this pattern. Looks really sensible.

At first I thought this was a craft project for large home dec leaves but this is a nice bag. I keep meaning to make a bag until I take out the pattern pieces and count them. This looks nice and easy and useful.

I have a big head, all these unrealistic ideas, and find it hard to buy a hat. This looks sharp.  And hats are back which is a  good thing because my hair isn't.

Oh yes the line art from that knit top above.

 Now what grabbed your attention?


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I liked several of them and bought a few last night while they were still $3.24 a pattern. But since I still have quite a bit of summer sewing to do these will go on the back burner and wait for chillier days.

Also, try Mood, Fabric Mart, Michael levine's Low Price Fabrics and fabric.com for the double knit. There's been a lot more of it around lately!

Lisa Laree said...

I got frustrated with the weird poses that obscured the actual garments on the main photos in the release page. I've been debating a snarky post about the photos but I really think I'm too lazy to do all the linking. I applaud you for clicking through to decent photos of the actual garments; now that I've seen them properly, I agree, there's some good stuff there.

I'll just have to go back and look when I have time to browse...

Mary said...

The first dress (jumper) is on my fall list and will be worn as a tunic I think. I'm not going to use contrasting colors-what do you think of all same color?

Carolyn->thanks for the fabric supplier list above!

Lyrique said...

Yet, even if you ordered from fabric.com with its free-shipping-for-orders-over-$35, you'd still have to pay customs duties, right? How prohibitive are the shipping costs? And, come to think of it, fabric.com to Canada wouldn't be free, would it?

a little sewing said...

The very first one made me think of the Jodie dress, too. I love it, especially with the lighter panels on the side. Not something I would wear, though because the silhouette (no waistline) makes me feel dumpy.

And oh how I love that red dress!

LRShimer said...

I like the hat because I'm of that age where suddenly the reality of why-I-should-have-been-wearing-sun-block has hit and I'm dealing with sun damage. I also have a big head and commercial hats don't fit. Have made one darling hat I wear every single day, but it is a cap (a more skin covering sort of cap than ye old baseball cap). I've been looking for a good cloche with full brim, so am going to look for the one you showed above.