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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Magic skirt version one

A couple of things.

No explanation necessary as to why this blog hasn't won any design awards.

First of all my apologies for the no make-up fact and wrinkly T-shirt. I actually think I started out with make-up but wore it off trying to get Mr. Rascal to drink out of the doggie water fountain thing we bought. I was trying to show him how it worked.

He needs to drink more but only likes running water.

Anyone want to come over to my house at 3:00 a.m. because there is a fox terrier standing in the bathtub waiting for someone to turn the tap on for him?

Didn't think so.

My photographic window of opportunity was short today - and I had to run to get it to happen - what with my photographer reading an extensive to-do list of things I have for him to do before he goes off to Goose Bay to be eaten by black flies. 

This tour of duty should be much better I hope, black flies excepted, as he will be coming home every couple of weeks for at least a week. This should be enough sewing time without getting to the lonely on Sunday nights part too often.

So here is the Pamela Pattern's Magic Skirt. Two darts front and back, a pegged shape and a very slim waist so really it isn't apparent at all that this is an elastic waist skirt.

I made the high waisted version so I could wear a belt with it. I am always very amused by those photo shoots that show a belt just sitting on top of a skirt waist as if the first time you move that belt won't ride up and the skirt won't ride down and you will look completely waist disorganized.

Really this pattern is an A1 work skirt.

Since I have a couple of complicated many piece skirt patterns in the pattern pile I am considering detouring to a few more of these. 

After all if it looks as good as, why not?

What really intrigues me is that this pattern says for stretch wovens too.

Now if that is true, ladies and gentlemen we may be in business.

Two of those units are getting cut out tonight and there are some Olympics on tomorrow.

Then I am going onto the cardigan which I am going to try and disguise as a suit top. I have been envying Carolyn's cardigans for years and this may be my year to come up with one.

Isn't it just wonderful when you find another TNT?


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Make the Magic Pencil Skirt and a cardigan out of ponte or double knit. Add some fancy buttons and act like you're wearing a St. John suit! Oh this is good advice I should make one of these myself! *LOL*

And you look good in the skirt...didnt even notice the wrinkly t-shirt! ;)

Linda said...

I made one skirt from this pattern so far and love the fit and ease of making this skirt. I need to try the high waist version next. Your skirt looks very flattering, like Carolyn, I paid no attention to wrinkly t-shirt.

Karin said...

This skirt is very flattering. I am impressed. I am off to find out more about Pamela's patterns.

a little sewing said...

yes, that is one smart skirt.
I suppose it does make sense that a stretch woven would work - that's how the Linda pants are, too. Let us know how it goes!!

Anonymous said...

The skirt looks great. And I like Carolyn's advice. She knows how to make a beautiful outfit. Elle

Lyrique said...

The skirt looks great on you especially with the pretty color of the top. Sharp and very figure flattering.

Texan said...

Skirt looks nice :O), the TShirt color is very good on you.

I now do not feel the least bit like I have gone off the deep end for cooking bacon, eggs and rice for our doggy. He hates dog LOL

Nancy said...

I live in skirts made from this pattern! It's so easy and goes with so much.

SEWN said...

Love the magic skirt!