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Monday, July 30, 2012

Magic skirt in a stretch woven

As promised here is the Magic skirt in a stretch woven. 

This is some $5.99 stretch satin I was astute enough to buy from Fabricmart last year with no purpose in mind when I was going through a phase of thinking since I was a big person I should wear more big prints.

I think I am going to stick with this idea until I decide it is a dumb one. 

Once again this is a wonderful skirt IMO as it doesn't look like an elastic waist skirt but feels like one. The elastic is almost 1 to 1 at the waist so even when it is on the hanger there is hardly a ripple. And of course with the high waisted version this belt stays put.

I also made a RPL stretch woven in black but I didn't get a shot of that - this black skirt would look about the same as the one in last shot.

This pattern has really got me thinking about simple sewing and definite fabrics. I really wonder if sometimes we, or I in this case, work harder than we need to with some of our projects.

This really is a one hour skirt and you know it just doesn't look to me to be 1/10 as nice as a skirt that took ten times as long.

I am definitely going to be making many more of these, in fact would like some heavyish stretch lace to make a lace skirt. Anyone know where I can find that stuff?

More sewing I hope before the weekend. Unfortunately the full time job is kicking back in and that is going to compromise my time for myself, but I always find some sewing to do.

I am dying to get going on the suitette.


Jodie said...

Looks awesome! I must check this pattern out.

Karen in VA said...

I have this pattern and have a purple ponte cut out...just need some energy......Will definitely have to use some of the stretch woven in my stash for more.... I also have her T-shirt pattern which is now a TNT. It's designed for women with boobs - only had to do a few tweaks to get a t-shirt that actually fits me!!!!!

Andrea said...

Very pretty skirt. Love it with the black tank.

Bunny said...

Looks great, Barb!

Pixie said...

It's fab. I'm going to buy the pattern, you've convinced me. You oughta be getting commission. Thanks for sharing.

Linda said...

You are on a roll with this pattern. Love this fabric. I really like this pattern also.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe it when I saw your comment about being a big person. I look at pics on your blog and I am envious as you are so slim!

Karin said...

This one looks good too. It's a great fitting pattern for you. It's so simple that the character changes completely with the fabric. From professional to casual.

Debbie Cook said...

I think you're now as sold on this pattern as I am. It seems like a lot to pay for such a simple thing, but it's so worth the price in results. Your skirt looks fab - love, love that print. And I hope by "big person," you mean tall because you definately ain't wide. :wink:

Mary said...

oh...wow! love that print on you and have fun sewing more of this awesome pattern. Let's see, do I have need of a pencil skirt in my retired life? no, drat!

gMarie said...

Oh I love that skirt! It's amazing and I love the print. Also - for the record, I agree with Debbie - you definately ain't wide.


velosewer said...

Your skirt is so cool:)

badmomgoodmom said...

I don't have this pattern, but adapted a straight skirt pattern to be pull-on like the line drawing for yours.
Yep, it's easy and doesn't look like an elastic waist skirt. I made two.

V2 is made of a black stretch poly satin with a lace border. I still have enough of this fabric to send to you to make a second one. Email me at badmomgoodmom at google.com with your snailmail address if you want it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where you get that you're 'big'!!! That print does look nice on you.

The lace skirts and dresses I've seen are beautiful and I can't wait for you to make one.