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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Style Arc Linda pants

My Style arc Linda pants pattern finally came and I whipped off three pairs in the last two days. All stretch wovens because that's what the pattern calls for. A grey pair of stretch gabardine wool from G Street  I have had for a while now and wondered what I would do with it, some stretch poly crepe that was meant to be my muslin until it turned out, and some RPL.

Front step you can see the width of the leg

They are going to want to see the motorcycle he said
I wore these with shirts because I wanted to show that even though these are elastic waist pull on pants they can be worn with the straight stuff, although in real life I probably won't wear these shirts
OK just take the picture
Shams has put us all onto these patterns and I have to thank her for that. Apart from adding to the waist, natch, and what is now my regular 1" addition to the top of the centre front and centre back crotch seams. I just whipped this up like a crazy person without any further alterations.

I have a few observations that might be useful to another sewer:

  • Don't get hung up on the Bengaline fabric suggestion. I used three different kinds of stretch wovens and they all worked fine.
  • These are pretty fitted though in the hips, which is good in a stretch woven, but I noticed there was more comfort in the fabric with a little more stretch. I did the 4 inch test and the fabric that pulled to 5"was great, the 4 1/2" slightly less so, but still very wearable.
  • The instructions suggest you top-stitch the seam allowance that attaches the waistband to the pants after pressing it up - I did this once and am not sure I like it. It was fine on the finer RPL but made little pleats in the heavier wool stretch - but maybe that was just operator error.
  • The seam allowances are small - 3/8" which means you can't really press them open. Be aware of that. I straight-stitched the seams and then 4 thread serged them, so there is slight seam allowance bulk but really only I can see it.
Serious consideration going to go on around here about ordering more Style Arc patterns.

A good bit of back-to-school sewing for me. Tomorrow I am going to take a look at that Vogue jacket.


shams said...


They look GREAT on you. What a great fit! Like you, I found they work with pretty much any stretch woven. After my first pair I got over the bengaline thing too. (I have 4 pair now.)

I love this on you! Can't wait to see what you order from them next. ;)

Martha said...

You and Shams are definitely enablers here. I will buy this pattern thinking it will look as good on me as it does on you!

Debbie Cook said...

GREAT motorcycle!

Oh wait … I mean, GREAT PANTS! These are perfect for you.

HeathersSphere said...

Very stylish looking pairs of pants!!! I just purchased this pattern, and after seeing you wearing your versions, you inspired me to start working on this pattern very soon!

Handmade said...

Great photos!!!! Lovely pants - very slimline - I like these alot!

Eugenia said...

Great looking pants! The fit is excellent and I love the sleek, slim look!

Texan said...

The fit is good on the pants! I like to wear button up shirts like that with dress slacks even when they have a waist band. I like the bike too! :O)

NuJoi said...

They look great on you.

Anonymous said...

I love the pant. I have been searching for a good TNT pattern I am tempted by style arc!thanks for sharing. Love the pics!!