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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tabs and tops

I finished my pants this weekend and am very pleased with them. I am happy with the fit, and enjoyed the details like this one on the inside waistband, although I am totally convinced Vogue was wrong to say this tab should be buttoning up to the front of the pants:

I also decided to make a top to go with these pants and so whipped up McCall's 6078 view B, the view with a full, not plunging, back and which has exactly the same neckline as Vogue 1250. Great pattern, good clear instructions, and highly recommended as an up-to-date shell alternative.

Now, I would like to show you what these two look like on but my photographer was in the garage for the weekend. Self-imposed.

I got a call a few days ago from my best friend from grade seven, who is in town and somehow tracked me down. I haven't seen her in almost 40 years. I know she is now married (in town because her husband is a lawyer at a convention) but I know nothing else about her. Does she have children? What does she do? I am looking forward to finding  out. My daughter says maybe we have changed but I told her, how much can anyone change since grade seven?

We are having them for dinner tomorrow and part of my prep involved telling my husband there were Things to Do Around the House. This usually makes him go to the garage for a few days.  There he moves things around so he "can find the tools" he might need. This has taken him out of photographic action.

Not that there hasn't been progress. One time he came in he said I am supposed to shoot him the next time he brings home more junk. Might have a deal there.

In the meantime there is a large device on wheels which is meant to hold up the drywall for you when you are drywalling a ceiling by yourself, which has happened yet.

It is on the front lawn with a sign on it that says "Free." People are stopping the because of the free sign but drive off again because they don't know what it is.

Not to worry. He is the best damn lobster cook in the Maritimes and that is going to come in handy tomorrow night.


a little sewing said...

Even without photos, I am convinced your top and pants will be among the most versatile pieces in your closet. Smart sewing.

Isn't that a shame that something so useful as a drywall-holder-while-you-attach-it-to-the-ceiling isn't more attractive to folks.

It's one of those things you would appreciate dearly if the need arose.

shams said...

I agree with Robin. These look like they will both be workhorses in your closet.

Bunny said...

Can you use it to paint a fresco on the ceiling, a la Michaelangelo?

That is an awesome top. Thanks for the heads up.

Texan said...

Now if I could just get my DH to ask me to make that same deal with him on him bringing home more junk! You say it came about by inviting people over for dinner. mmm

Nice top I like that style.

Jane M said...

Wonderfully versatile and chic outfit. I think you and your friend will have an interesting time catching up. I now have an annual luncheon with 8th grade classmates that we started about 10 years ago, about 35 years after we graduated. What's especially lovely is that we know each other's families from those early years so there's a lot of history that comes together.