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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Steamy day

No Irene in this neck of the woods but it has felt odd and so damp. The patterns in my sewing room feel like wet paper towels and things have just been weird.

First of all the dehumidifier overflowed, something to do with some thingy that I bent emptying it. So there was water all over the basement floor. One thing led to another and in the clean-up and my husband, who recently got his certification as a home inspector (a retirement plan idea although there is no indication he will be retiring for a long time yet), decided to check out the condensation in the downstairs bathroom. That  led to the toilet being taken up and out, then the floor, then the walls, and then that spread over into the laundry room which now doesn't have a floor either. I think another wall is going to be taken out too.

I feel this is only the beginning.

Now that's his end of the business.

On my end I took the dogs out for a walk at a new place (through the parking lot of the Mormon Temple and into the woods they share with the Sisters of Charity convent) where the dogs promptly lost four more balls. This is partially my fault as I have just about as much accuracy in using a Chuckit (if you are not a dog owner this is that stick thing you use to throw a ball further in case you throw like a girl and your natural arm propels balls about four feet) as I do in using a  dehumidifier apparently.

I really can't afford to keep these guys in balls anymore. Yes when I use the Chuckit I do hit trees and things bounce backwards. But they are dogs. They are supposed to find things. Things in tall grass and behind bushes. They are dogs. They are supposed to do more than look blankly at me and munch grass and go find sticks for me to throw when they hear  me say "Go find the ball."


Since I couldn't do laundry or use the bathroom downstairs, or have the dogs show any signs of intelligence, initiative, or instinct,  I threw myself into cutting out the jacket for Vogue 1264, of the great, but short, but fashionable, pants. (Check out the divine Miss E's version today I am seriously reconsidering a red pair).

It's a bit of a cutting marathon what with the wool crepe, the pleather, the interfacing, and the lining and the FBA etc. going on.

I don't know about you but cutting out is something I dread. A necessary step between the purchasing/planning part I love and the sewing part I also love.

There is a lot of marking too and I always mark with tailor tacks using different colour threads for the different size dots etc. :

Sometimes I think this is a lot of trouble but really it takes a lot to keep me organized. Which brings me to this.

Near the end of my cutting session I realized I have lost Piece #8. The collar.

Now with it being so humid I had the windows of the sewing room open (my spouse was also using one of those windows to throw drywall pieces out onto the lawn - don't ask) so Piece #8 probably got blown around somewhere.

I limply looked for it for a while then asked Demolition Man for help. He took the guide sheet with the little pattern pieces on it, took a picture converted it into a .jpeg opened it in Autocad, a program he uses for work, figured out the scale and made me this:

Made me feel kind of bad for suggesting earlier that he was better at taking things apart than putting them together.

I will be glad when this project moves onto the sewing stage and this storm breaks.


Texan said...

I had to laugh at your house projects growing one from another. We recently put tile in the entire downstairs which is the whole house short of one big room upstairs that is my sewing/crafty/girl room. We had to move everything out of the house for the floors, yep I mean everything. Then back in. Umm I was told we would do this in sections it would be no big deal. Ummm didn't happen like that. I do love the floors I will say that it was worth it but whew ... The stairs still have the old flooring or at least part of them do lol. We are now working on getting those redone in rustic pine. Should be great. What is my point, my point is my DH now approaches me about should we redo the counters in the kitchen? LOL I said NO! lol. Just get the stairs done and please lets not tear up one other thing in the house lol. Funny one thing leads to another to another and so on.

shams said...

Oh my, what a resourceful husband you have there! I got a good laugh about your dogs. I agree, they are supposed to find things! lol

Bunny said...

Your hubby is just amazing and never ceases to impress, a true Renaiscance man.

Enjoy the chaos.

Ruthie said...

Heck, home improvements - meh. Your hubby is a sweet guy, you got a good one there.

Kathy said...

What a man!

A ladies clothing chain here in Australia has cropped red jeans in their latest catalogue. So there you go!! Red pants are fashionable (well here anyway :-)