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Friday, September 2, 2011

Report from out of controlsville

I will be posting the final pictures of that Vogue 1264 jacket tomorrow. Looks fine, but maybe it needs pockets.

More or less nuts around here.


Up for nearly two nights now. Once because of going to bed late and getting up early yesterday because I had too many projects on the brain and back-to-school looming next week.

Up most of last night down at the hospital with my daughter who has about 5 weeks left to go with her second pregnancy. She has the stomach flu so bad we had to take her in for IV Gravol and a couple litres of fluid. My son-in-law stayed home with Miss Scarlett. I sat in the room at the maternity hospital and knit. She is somewhat better today but not much so we might go back for more fluids. She's a nurse herself and pretty matter of fact about all of this. She is off work because of a tough later pregnancy anyway so we are sort of hanging on this last month.

On the home front you might remember that my husband most unexpectedly disabled the downstairs bathroom (actually the toilet is now sitting in the middle of the floor in another room) and ripped out the laundry room last weekend. This happened the week before I go back to a course overload (for those who don't teach think of this as three months of overtime) and a busy fall.

Well, anyway.

I live in a 50 year old house with the original kitchen complete with the dings of raising a bunch of kids in it. My spouse and I have been sort of thinking of a new kitchen in a vague sort of way. We saw a model kitchen in one spot and had our names written down as potential customers.

Two days ago we got a call saying that the store was going to change the display kitchens and if we would remove the existing one for them they would give it to us for 50%.  My husband said yes, so now we have an entire kitchen to gut, stuff like flooring to figure out etc.

One problem.

This beautiful complete kitchen is 1 1/2" too long for our space. After much problem-solving discussions  we figured out if we got a new fridge, that was slightly narrower, it would all work.

So new fridge. Not too newsy.

 But this is the thing.

I already have three fridges and one chest freezer. Have I mentioned that my spouse is food obsessed and there is cooking and family eating going on around here non stop? I have a 36" wide fridge in my kitchen that holds my milk and home made dog food, and all my condiments (love to can and love spicy food). There is also another 36" fridge in my husband's office down the hall (see above) for other stuff, and a back-up in the basement, and freezer. We need the space. When my old friend came for dinner the other week my husband cooked lobsters the size of Mr. Rascal and that sort of thing takes up room and happens often.

And now we decide we need another fridge. 

There are moments like these when I realize, I am probably nuts. I live in a little modest house with family pictures, three fridges, and a life time supply of fabric. I don't have beautiful furniture or a spotless, well-ordered home. Most of my life is what are we going to eat (and I wonder why the weight isn't going away), what am I going to sew, and who is coming over. That's it. The rest is pretty vague.

What are you going to do?

Well tomorrow I am going to start a quick and easy top and hide out in my sewing room and hope the rest of it blows over.

Make sense?


Jane M said...

Sounds just like my life....except we have to add who is going to walk which dog? The new kitchen sounds like a wonderful bargain. We have to do that in a few years but I don't look forward to the disruption....just the great final product.

BetsyV said...

I laugh out loud with almost every blog post, Barbara. I think under these circumstances I would do exactly the same: Start a quick and easy top and hide out in my sewing room UNTIL (not hope) the rest of it blows over.

Unless, of course, all this kitchen and bath nonsense interferes with "oven-clean-cycle" pizza!

a little sewing said...

Oh dear, it all sounds like a lot! And I am in a similar situation. Somehow it all gets done.

Thanks again for a dose of humor.

Susan said...

You are a better woman than me. Having to set up a classroom at this time of year AND a tore up home ought to do you in. Throw in waiting for a grandchild, you'll be sleeping soon.

shams said...

Wowee, it's exhausting to read about your life.

My parents had two refrigerators, 3 freezers, plus the fall out shelter with a room for the preserves. We had an enormous garden, an orchard, a small vineyard, and livestock, plus my father loved to hunt and fish. So I get it, though it's all too much work for me. I escaped to the city as soon as was feasible. :)

Jodie said...

OMG!!!EEEK! Wow....I'm thinking hanging out with your daughter and Miss Scarlett seems like a good plan. Just finished (survived) the first week (new school, kinda DIFFERENT organizational model, but hey). My house looks like a bomb went off and no one seems to know how to do laundry but me. My husband (thankfully) is not bringing home new fridges or leaping into home building projects, but I need him to get moving to work so I can get moving to housework. It will help me jiggle things out of my brain. I'm hoping to feel more in control so I can sleep better.
Wine....I think we need more wine...

Hang in! Have a good school year!

Karin said...

Sounds pretty full on. I hope your daughter feels better soon. Poor thing. Remodelling is always a mad capped adventure.

RebeccaHoward said...

Hi Barbara. I think your life sounds wonderful. You're priorities are all worked out absolutely perfectly. Food, friends & sewing. What more do you need!

Texan said...

First off I hope your DD does well the rest of her pregnancy. Probably good she is a nurse so this isn't completely freaking her out.

Sounds like your priorities are right to me. Food and Sewing. Does one really need anything else? Furniture is really over rated and so is a spotless house. :o)

Gabrielle said...

That does sound a bit chaotic but also very lively!

Good luck to your daughter - I hope the baby can stay "in" for a bit longer, my experience is that closer to full term means an easier time of it post-birth.