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Thursday, September 1, 2011

McCalls thoughts

I am cheered as always to see new patterns come out, Vogue can't be far behind, but haven't exactly had my socks knocked off by this latest McCalls batch.

Here are my thoughts:

This dress is interesting in that the garment shot shows a wider skirt than the line drawings, and the pleats explain that. If the bodice wasn't so boring I might have considered it.
Is that a centered zipper I see in this double-knit dress? You are kidding. This definitely would have an invisible zipper in RTW and there is not a zipper application harder to do than a centered zipper. The sample makers shouldn't put in details they wouldn't see in real clothes or wear themselves.

If you live where I live any jacket with a nice warm neck catches your eye. I think it would be possible to get creative with this pattern and I just might do that. But tell me where were their heads when they put a cozy neck on a jacket and then made it an unlined garment. Warm neck, cold body? The pattern companies seem to be in love with unlined jackets which to my mind are a contradiction in terms, plus those jackets stick and never hang right. 
This one caught my eye as wearable and sort of interesting but there is no bust shaping and a FBA would be too much trouble to add in such a simple dress.
I don't really need this pattern but thought this had potential for sewers who wanted a slim knit pant without going to leggings extremes and you have to love that natural waistband. I will look to see other sewers working on this one and may change mind about not needing it.

So overall I probably won't make an order for any of these, but might throw the jacket into the basket if Vogue delivers and I do my usual first-sale-possible purchases.

Tell me did I miss anything?


Texan said...

Not seeing anything in these I have to have. :O)

shams said...

Nope. Like you, the only pattern I am liking is the coat, also because of the collar. But then I rarely get excited by McCalls. Let's hope Vogue is more exciting. :)

Irene said...

Always love to read your opinions on the new patterns. You really don't mice words. Jacket is really the only one that catches my eye, and adding a lining would not be a difficult thing. I have come to the conclusion that whoever designs these unlined jackets lives somewhere in the warmer climes.

NuJoi said...

I liked 6436, mostly because it came with multiple cup sizes. 6436 had promise, but I think I already had something like it. I loved 6456. Version A is reversible and B is lined.

Eugenia said...

I am going through a phase when I am actually pleased that the new pattern collections don't have anything that I feel I must have - because I have way too many patterns at the moment and don't want to be yearning after any more!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I haven't been excited about anything since spring/summer patterns...I starting to wonder what that says about me! *LOL*

Bunny said...

I really like the jacket but think the bias trim at the neck looks a bit sloppy.I don't mean technique-wise, but just having those bias trimmed edges butted up like that. It appears they took a collar and just turned it up.

I do like the pants and may give those a try, the slit ankle version with some flats. Love the waist.