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Saturday, July 2, 2011

I am afraid I am serious

A couple of months ago the incomparable Erica Bunker blogged about "Underpinnings". I was most impressed with this post although I wasn't sure if the ankle length Spanx were something I would ever squeeze into.

It got me thinking though.  I have my own seasonal "underpinning" issue and I am sure I am not the only one.

Read no further if you are a minor. This is a big girl's topic.

I am talking inner thigh and that chaffing thing that happens in these summer months and after you have been swimming - certainly cuts into the long walks on the beach enjoyment.

I am totally convinced that if I starved myself to death, meaning I would give up all pies, not just Key Lime, and stress reducing after work meetings red wines, that even if the rest of me faded away I would still have inner thighs that rubbed together when I walked on summer days.

I have been thinking there has to be a sewing solution to this. I surfed around and found these two options on ModCloth, sorry I can't copy a decent sized shot from the site, for tap pants and under dress bicycle shots.

What do you think?

Good old Kwik Sew has tap pants, of course they do, and you could adapt some leotards in cotton knit working from the Jalie pattern: 

What do you think? What would you do?


Lynn said...

Barbara - I use exercise shorts from Stretch & Sew as my bottom layer to prevent the chaffing. Ended up doing this when my RTW walking short were too droopy in the crotch and it hurt to walk in the heat.

Martha said...

Wow - this is so relevant for me! I'd love to wear dresses in the summer. It seems like they would be cooler than pants, and shorts don't look that good on my - ahem - mature legs. But I've always hated it when my thighs chaff. This is an interesting idea. Wonder what fabric to use to stay cool?

Karen in VA said...

I have 2 pair of spanx and 2 pair of exercise (bike shorts). The bike shorts are more comfortable and less expensive - can get them at Target. Keeps my thighs from chaffing and gives a smooth line under my dresses/skirts. And dresses or skirts are way more comfortable than pants in hot, humid DC. I have thought about sewing tap pants, but just really like the way the bike shorts fit...

debbie said...

I'm all for the least amount of clothing as legal in the summer, sort of. That extra layer would kill me in the heat and humidity.
I use a product called Bodyglide that's a solid stick (like a deodorant) that prevents chaffing. It works for me but I've never tried it when I've been swimming.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I have a wardrobe of spanx type products that I've purchased from Lane Bryant and the Avenue to wear under my dresses. They all have tummy control but most importantly they have legs that stay put and they are well ventilated. I wear them all summer long even on the hottest days...cause I really love dresses in the summer.

I haven't used sticks and lotions people recommend for chapping because I've always been concerned that a little sweat would make them come off...and my spanx only wear out from too much use! *LOL* I have them in nude and black, highwaisted, regular waisted and yes even calf length to go under pants in VERY special situations.

Here's a link to the product I use:


BetsyV said...

None of those look long enough to solve my same problem, Barbara.

I think if I were at the beach or pool to swim, I'd change my coverup from a throw-on "dress" to gauze elastic-waist baggy pants and a tunic.

Under a summer dress - well, I don't usually go for long walks in the hot hot sun in a dress, primarily for the chafing reason. And it's too hot.

When I was working, I left my in-office pantyhose on to walk the mile home from the train. I tried taking them off because it was hot, but that was a very bad idea.

Myrna said...

LOVE the bike shorts. Pretty and practical.

KC said...

I wear pettipants to eliminate chub rub under dresses when I'm not concerned about shaping, which is most of the time. Mine are rtw, cut off wherever necessary to keep them from showing, but I think even I could reproduce them on my sewing machine.

Beth H said...

I made two pairs of these shortie leggings to cut down on drafts in winter. It's a nice pattern, though I can't comment on chub rub issue.


TE said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been dealing with the sticky inner thigh issue. I have a pattern for elastic waist pants/shorts that seems like a great basis for lightweight pettipants! (I remember them from girlhood - late 60's - my big sister had a pair and I was jealous) I'm looking forward to the ventilation of dresses with the feel of cotton preventing sticky inner thighs. (TMI? Sorry.)

I appreciate the inspiration.

Erika said...

I don't know about you-all, but I would worry that tap pants would ride up - I guess I have some space above where my thighs rub together. I shorts have to come below my widest thigh-point. I used bike shorts when I was pregnant in Atlanta in the summer and this issure really came home to me. I still use them now and then.