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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The exciting and the boring

First of all let's start with the good stuff. 

Here's a shot of Miss Scarlett in the swimming cover-up I made her. Note the accessories even the trailing blankie. She always has accessories, just like her mother and me.

She was a little hoarse yesterday having spent the day before having her inaugural terrible two temper tantrums. My daughter was worried she wasn't doing the right thing when Miss S hit the floor a few times because things weren't going her way. Like all grandmothers I said what we all say, "She is just like you. You wouldn't believe the temper tantrums you used to have." 

In fact years ago one of my former neighbours, a nice retired nun, told me that she was once on the verge of calling Child Services because of the screams that came out of my house one day. It turned out that my daughter, at age two, had been having a meltdown because there was a wrinkle in her leotards (tights to some folks). No matter how I tried to straighten them out there were wrinkles at her knees and that drove her crazy. It was all about the accessories even then.

Actually IMO Miss S's TT are not that bad and an hour or so sitting around on the steps looking at bugs does the trick.

Of course the reasons for two year old temper tantrums are well-documented. Being tired of being bossed around, wanting to exert control over your environment, the difficulty of transitioning from one life stage to another.

Personally I think we should bring legit temper tantrums back for other life stages.

Wouldn't it be easier if you were allowed to have the terrible 42s ("don't mind her, she just doesn't have five minutes to herself"), the terrible 52s ("she's just gone blue in the face because she has totally used up her patience with dumb bosses") and the terrible 62s ("She just wants to do it herself. That's just normal at her age.")

I think we would all feel better for it, and I don't know about you but there are days when a time out seems particularly attractive.

Now speaking not necessarily of attractive, but certainly of necessity, I have made two new skirts in the last couple of days. 

I am going to need these for teaching summer school and they are the kind of project that the best thing you can say about them is that they are done. Here they go, one linen skirt showing attractive, just worn, linen wrinkles (I held back on the meltdown this time) lined of course. That's about all I can say about this.

And a slightly more interesting version in black and white stretch cotton sateen:

Doing the skirts of course made me realize that despite all the fitting traumas and potential to discover once again that what you knew would not suit you in fact does not, I really am a new pattern sewer. I like to do something I haven't done before. I like surprises. I prefer sewing as an adventure as opposed to production sewing (I have decided I won't get white shirts 4-10 made unless I work with an exciting pattern).

Well that's just me.


judidarling said...

So that's what's happening to me; I need a terrible 62 tantrum, preferably in a public place. I think I'll model mine on Shirley Maclaine's "Give my daughter the shot!" tirade. Brava for figuring this one out.

Claire S. said...

LOL - I hit the terrible 52s 7 years early. One day last week, I told my immediate supervisor if I made it through the day without screaming it would be a miracle - he told me 'go ahead, it's good for you' !

My vacation this week is a time out and I was 3 days in before I recognized it for what it was.

Glad to know it happens to the best of us :-)

LinB said...

Am all in favor of legit temper tantrums. Also daily naps, lol.

NZ said...

I love reading your blog. You really hit it on the head today. I'm right at the age 52 tired-of-being-bossed-around stage of life. :)

Audrey said...

Cute cover up, It brought back memories of one I had as a child, made of a turquoise and white terry print with white pom pom trim. I loved that thing. My grandmother bought it for me. She wouldn't touch a sewing machine because they reminded her of her country background and she preferred thinking of herself as a city sophisticate. I totally agree on the need for a 54 year old to have an occasional TT. It is especially effective in shaking up the people around you, family or coworkers who think they know you, take you for granted, or push you around. Of course at my age they blame it on the "change of life"

badmomgoodmom said...

What about the terrible 32s? I had a life threatening illness that consumed much of my 30s--that and a high maintenance child.

Things turned around eventually, but I discovered that my tolerance for bullshit went into the cellar and stayed there. Instead of bottling it all in, I just started blogging about bullshit that bothered me. Exhale. Move on. Or rather, sew on!

I've been thinking about which things I buy/make and what I actually wear. It turns out that TNT patterns do get worn more often. But I have to keep trying new things to expand my repertoire and find my next TNT. I also sew a fair # of thing just to see how they are put together, eg. Issey Miyake and the ilk.

Summer Flies said...

Well this is timely ... I just had a 49's tantrum. I really love this post. I realised reading this that I indeed have not grown past the terrible 2's .. not very grown up really but...

After letting the child care providers know in Feb that they were taking out $70 per week instead of $17, I still have not received the refund cheque despite being told 30 times it is on it's way. Then this morning when I complained again I was told "what would you like me to do about it" - How about pay me??? That's novel... apparently it is my fault as they put the wrong address on the envelope (I have lived here 20 yrs so no chance I got it wrong) so six months later I may get my money!

shams said...

HEART that coverup!!! (And that cute girl. :) )

Yeah, tantrums. I've been at the receiving end of a doozy recently. When is my turn. ;)

BetsyV said...

Cute coverup!

Sorry I missed this tantrum entry the other day. I seem to have more tantrums lately, must be age-related (51). It's 110% accurate, but I don't think it's age-specific. Tantrums are a reaction against perceived unfairness. What is perceived as unfair changes during our lives. Our reactions to unfairness also change. At certain points, the unfairness doesn't respond to normal reactions: thus the tantrum.

@ Shams. Take your turn. At this point, it's up to you.