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Sunday, June 26, 2011

And black pants

And this is what the same pants look like in black covered in Golden Retriever hair, spilled coffee cake and hair and eyes fresh from the swimming pool. I consider this shot more evidence I made another pair in black yesterday than a useful garment shot.

Question for you. 

What is your favourite waistband closure treatment? 

I have tried something different on each pair of pants. More on that later.


shams said...

You know, I am really "old fashioned" about my elastic waistbands. I always just sew on a rectangle, make a casing, and insert elastic into the casing. I do this because I can always tighten or change out the elastic easily (and I do tighten the elastic at times). Some people seem to feel that this is a bulky treatment but that has never bothered me. I do this regardless of what the pattern says.

I don't use "sew through" elastic because then I'd have to rip it out to tighten or change out the elastic. I use that very very stiff, waistband elastic, as I don't like it when softer elastic folds over. I need an industrial solution. ;)

I think it's because I am an apple shape and my waist is a bit bigger than my hips. The only thing that keeps my pants up is elastic that is very snug, otherwise my pants can end up around my ankles. (It's happened.)

Ditto with jeans. Even though I have made a pair of Jalie jeans, with a fitted waistband, I have to wear a belt and it has to be snug. For my next pair of jeans I plan to put elastic into the back waistband and it will be snug. :)

Sometimes I feel like Santa Clause must feel and think what I really need is suspenders. ;)

BetsyV said...

Either 2 buttons/buttonholes (one inside one outside) or 2 skirt hooks/eyes (same location) with a button for show only.

One button or skirt hook always seams to tear off/out eventually; the second one on the inside makes it more secure.

Or a skirt hook/eye on the inside and a button/buttonhole on the outside. Any combination as long as there are 2.