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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I got the nicest email last night from Elaine, who sent me this explanation of how to do a waistband without the bulk of a seam at the end of the extension, very similar to Lin and Betsey's comments left after an earlier post. Here are Elaine's instructions:

I hate trying to put buttonholes in waistbands - those end seams always play havoc with my getting a good result.
I learned this technique from Ron Collins who comes to Nanaimo often to teach a a local store. Essentially, you redraft the waistband pattern to have a seamline at the top edge, and the 2 pieces will be of differing lengths. For the outer one, the old seamline becomes a foldline, and you extend the band by 2" or so + seam allowance. Depending on where you are putting the zipper, you may have a fly front extension to consider (re extension length). The inner (next to body) waistband is then drafted - the old length being reduced by the amount of the foldback extensions (+ seam allow.) You can interface one or both sides (personal preference). Sew the inner and outer waistbands together at your new seamlines, then sew the top edge. You can use this technique on straight or contour bands, with fly front, side or back zipper.

This made sense to me and then I went on YouTube and found Trudy's illustration in her two tutorials, linked here:

 and here:

I have Miss Scarlett today and as soon as she has her nap I'm down to the sewing room.


TE said...

Wow. Even if a pattern doesn't have a top seamed waistband, it would be worth splitting the waistband and using this technique.

Thank you.

I really need to explore on-line sewing tutorials - what a wealth of information there could be!

SkiTwo said...

would you mind telling me what the name of the video is as I cannot see the link.
hello dot worldpc at gmail dot com

Barbara said...

Hi SkiTwo, Just go to Youtube and search Hot Patterns and then waistbands. Let me know if this helps.