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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The last of the Christmas sewing (unless I think of something else)

I decided I wanted to make my son's girlfriend an apron.

She is sort of one of my heros.

When I first met this girl she had one of those fast track big jobs in Manhattan which she quit and went to intern at a restaurant. You see she really loves food, in the way that you and I love fabric, and she decided to live consistently. 

Since that initial decision she has become an operations manager for several very high profile restaurants and is now also doing her master's in food science.

It took a lot of nerve to do what she did, and I just totally get how she feels about what she loves.


I have tried a couple of hip looking apron patterns and was not happy at all. They were skimpy and contrived and the techniques were silly.

So last night in desperation I called my daughter, who always has the answers, and she said "Mom if you are running out of time and need something hip get yourself right on Pinterest."

Which I did and found this simple pattern. My daughter is also one of my heros. The dimensions were excellent, although I did simplify the instructions - sewed the ties and the ruffle onto one apron body and then bagged the whole thing through a small hole in the bottom after I had sewn the two apron bodies together.

Here it is, totally reversible in the shambles of what is left of my sewing room:

I would have wished for slightly hipper fabric but this is all the store at the bottom of the street could cough up last night at 8:00. New Year's resolution - stock pile more cool cotton prints - they are good for gifts.

Well for weeks now I have been saying I will get right onto the cooking and cleaning and wrapping once my sewing is done, and I am finally there.

Unfortunately I had forgotten when I made such grandiose statements that I would much rather be sewing than doing all that other domestic stuff.

However a deal is a deal.


Judith said...

Lucky, (and extremely talented) receiver of this Christmas gift! Your son has picked a winner with this girl...the apron is gorgeous, and has put aprons back onto the fashion list...J

annie said...

Too lovely to wear over a pot of steaming spaghetti sauce!

The Hojnackes said...

The apron is very fun! Good luck with all the cooking, cleaning, and wrapping. While I don't love cooking, I do love baking- especially Christmas cookies.

gwensews said...

That's a totally cute apron. Lucky girl. Cleaning and cooking--I"d keep those on the back burner as long as possible and stay in the sewing room!

Martha said...

Well that is just the cutest apron. I'm bookmarking that. Thanks for the idea!

a little sewing said...

that is a very cute apron - and good advice from your daughter. I was just thinking I want ideas on how to set the table - pinterest!
I hope your son's GF enjoys the apron!!

marysews said...

You may not like the fabrics (much), but the result is one totally cool apron!

Karin said...

It looks good. I think she will love it. You are awesome!

Meg @ Mood Fabrics said...

Really great apron!

Pearl K said...

I'd make this in a heartbeat, if I wore aprons! I like your fabric choices.

gMarie said...

I think the fabrics are stunning! She's very lucky. g

badmomgoodmom said...

I like your apron. But, in case you need another apron ASAP, I posted a pattern for one with big pockets and no ruffles. It sews up super quick. Who can resist an animal print apron? Or an architectural print one?


Barbara said...

Betsy V

I LOVE that apron!

Happy Christmas!

Teri Stich said...

Love that bottom ruffle! I may have to make one like that for my daughter but I think with a couple of pockets. Beautiful job

gwensews said...

I nominated you for an award on my blog. I'm sure you've been asked before. Play if you want, and if you don't--that is just fine, too.

LinB said...

Well, I like the prints you found. Your possible-future-daughter-in-law should be well pleased with the apron, as it offers good coverage (I want my aprons to cover me from neck to knee, as I am a messy cook). If she isn't pleased, I hope she has the good grace to pretend that she is. Merry Christmas!

Linda said...

I love this apron! Cool fabric.