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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Just before Christmas sewing

About this time in the pre-Christmas run-up I face my reality.

  • The iced butter cookies made in a variety of interesting Christmas shapes (for which I have bought a heavy duty icing unit, plus cookie cutters):
    •  Are now Rice Krispie squares made of red and green Rice Krispies.
  • The diabetic special jams for my nice sister-in-law:
    •  Are now a purse organizer and a retro plastic bowl made of recycled plastic (yes I know).
  • The quilted wallhanging, still not started:
    • Has been packed away where I hopefully will not be able to find it next year.
  • My nice Vogue Christmas dress pattern and fabric:
    • Is still on the shelf and I am working on a festive apron instead.
What I always do manage to do though is any special Christmas sewing for the little girls. So when my daughter called and said she would like something for them to wear for pictures Christmas Eve, I was right on it.

Here are the results of today's efforts, jammies for the little one who is still toddling, and a nightgown for the one who only wears dresses.

Not very complex but a fun break:

I would like to put a red bow at the necklines and might try to do that tomorrow.

A comment on children's patterns. 

I was very frustrated with my pattern choices for these simple garments. I needed something basic and even though I did major trimming, both of these garments were way too wide for little people, and our girls are long and thin.

I decided I am not going to get caught like this again trying to find a simple kids pattern at the last minute, so I ordered Sure-Fit's children's kit which I used for my own children a long time ago with great success.

Let's see what I get done tomorrow and what drops off the list. 

Hope your own preparations are progressing and stress-free. A couple more little things and I think I may actually get some pre-SWAP cutting done before the 26th.

I am a better garment cutter than cookie icer anyway.

I knew that. 


The Hojnackes said...

I struggle with children's patterns as well. They make them for very wide and short children- neither of which fit my children's description! It is quite a nuisance.

badmomgoodmom said...

I'm with you on the KISS holidays. Adorable jammies, BTW. I've had good results with Kwik Sew and Simplicity children's patterns.

My kid runs long and narrow, too. I cut one size narrower and one size longer than her age, and the stuff always fits--give or take a growth spurt.

Her cousin is a whole 'nother story. She's a giantess and I need to cut 2 sizes up from her age in width and length.

Scenic Route said...

LOVED this post!! As always, keepin' in real with a grin. After 10 years of doing Christmas jammies/nighties for 8 grandkids, I feel your pain. This year, after being informed that all the Munchkins were on jammie overload, I decided to do my own duds for 2 semi-formals in Mongolia. If I had time to blog, I would title this one Misadventures in Real Velvet for Real People. Enough said. And I don't have time--I'm here overnighting in LA and Mongolia-bound tomorrow. Keep up the holiday cheer, please!

Judith said...

What a great post! I am glad you prioritized with the Grand kids hitting the top of the list first - Christmas is all about family, and the kids. Enjoy watching them wear their new PJ's with pride...J

Sandra said...

Love that fabric for the nightgown and PJs! And yes, as a matter of fact, I have been doing a bit of list revising myself. And I didn't really start with sewing anything for anybody else. I am still fooled by the clock and the calendar. At least I've learned to cross things off my list instead of cramming everything in at the expense of my cheerfulness. :)

LindaC said...

That fabric is absolutely adorable. Your little loved ones will be cuter than cute. I want some reindeer jammies! :)

Karin said...

I feel ya!
I am so busy trying to get everything done it's insane. I keep dropping things off the list and new things appear! Thank goodness Xmas is a fixed date or I would put it off and put it off. I'd have it hanging over my head until July!