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Friday, March 16, 2012


Picking up on a theme I started last night, women are doing well.

Women are far out-numbering men in post secondary education.

30% of North American women make more than their partners. 

Many women are the head of their households and raising families on their own. And doing a fine job. I know because I teach your kids, I know because for a while that was me.

So how's that sitting?

Spanx, and shoes you can hardly walk across the room in, much less work a day, get yourself to the store, make dinner, get the kids to practice. Or get yourself around the community helping out, keeping things going.

Women front up and get it done. I don't have to tell you this because you know.

So don't try to dress us to slow us down. To me it's an issue of self-respect.

So to me being comfortable is not about not caring. Let you tell me if I was having a heart attack I would  check my lipstick before I called 911. I would do that first.

On the continuum of effort invested I am closer to the "all done up" side than not.

It matters to me, a lot. Style can work, it has to. It should.

However I have things to do and I have to keep moving. I don't sit down a lot, I can't.

Which brings me to the Golan Heights.

I used to have a boss who used to over-estimate me.

So he sent me to the Middle East.

You will note that things in the Middle East are even worse than they used to be.


It was a educational trip where a small group of us met with all sides and spent a lot of time with serious folks on buses. Well one day we were taken to the Golan Heights, which are very beautiful, over-looking Lebanon, hosted by a member of the the Israeli Defense Forces. A rightly serious guy, as was our guide for the day, an ex-intelligence/commando guy with absolutely no sense of humour. You can take that from me.

Anyway on the way down to the main road this is what myself and another woman (from the town I was born in and with the same view of the world) saw this:

I don't read Hebrew but I am pretty sure it says "Naot Shoe Outlet : best prices in the Middle East". Or maybe not.

Anyway this was the original kibbutz where they make Naots and the prices were great. $40 a pair, tops. So we shopped big, while our guides looked on with considerable distain. 

What I learned most from this trip was that Naot makes some weird looking shoes but boy are they are comfortable. A kibbutz is probably not a place where you make or wear shoes that are hard on your feet.

So remembering all of this I indulged myself in a couple of pairs this week as I am enjoying the fabulous Tennessee weather sooo much and I walk a lot. This is what arrived in the hotel room today:

Now as my wonderful former assistant used to say "I would rather cut my feet off at the ankles than wear shoes like that" but I do my walking during my day, and am not a marathon runner on the weekend like she is.

These are perfect for me and for my day, and don't negate lipstick, jewelry, or a sharp outfit. Seems to me the clothes we sew are not for standing in, but for living in.

Back to sewing topics tomorrow.


Nancy said...

Hey, We both have great taste! as I just bought the same pair {first one}
Love your sister Nancy

MySummerTouch said...

I'm the same way

Kathie said...

Thanks again for your delightful blog. I bought the same shoe a while back, tried two different sizes but could not get a good fit... I was bummed!

KathyS said...

Love the shoes, they look soooo comfortable. I have never seen that brand here in Australia.

SewRuthie said...

Yay for comfortable shoes!