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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Armani, baby's bums and house bras

In this morning's New York Times there was an interesting article on Armani, who the author noted, really keeps making clothes with the same shapes (patterns to us). So why does it work?

For Armani, the risks aren’t in silhouettes, but in fabrics.

This was a moment of real insight for me because I saw this for what it was: TNT patterns - where the interest is in the fabric. For someone like me who has been doing a lot of deep introspection lately, and as a result has decided I would rather buy fabric than fit new patterns, at least this month, I felt enormously validated by the fact that me and Armani are more or less the same person, and all of this before my iPad and I were out of bed and before I had even the second cup of coffee of the day.

The days are busy. 

First of all yesterday I made another version of the Jalie Comfy House bra

I found some good cotton lycra at the local Joann's when I was on a notions mission and couldn't resist. Yes, I know it doesn't lift and separate as much as it could, it is sort of a more hold it still bra, but very comfortable.

Since I see casual life on the immediate horizon I am going to be making a few more of these before I am let out of this hotel room.

May I also take a moment to give comfort its due?

I read one of those regular what not to wear articles and near the top of the list was exactly what I was wearing as I was reading it - below the knee wide cropped pants (7/8 Peta pants). The authors suggested that if you had to wear short type pants to wear Audrey Hepburn pants only which as I recall were tight and constricting.

In my current dog caring, sewing, knitting life (which I am now doing on an exercise ball to improve my core - sort of a customized fitness program I am developing all by myself) I feel more like a person who needs to be comfortable than Audrey Hepburn.

Which reminds me.

All over New York I saw pair after pair after pair of shoes with sky high heels and all over New York I didn't see anyone wearing them.

My theory is as soon as women start getting comfortable in their own skins and having their own lives/power something tries to slow them down. Shoes with 6 inch heels will do that to you.

This is getting long.

I will have to do the baby bum part tomorrow a.m.

Until then


Martha said...

Great affirmation - thanks!

Margy said...

The title of this post is FABULOUS! as is the post, itself...

Catherine Daze said...

I reckon we never see the people in six inch heels around the city because they all have drivers!

Interesting about Armani. Sounds like an efficient philosophy, but requiring a certain amount of self-discipline. New styles are so tempting.

Bunny said...

It's the same in Boston. Last few weeks, while there, these shoes were beckoning me from every retailer imaginable. How many people did I see wearing them? Zip. Maybe I hang in the wrong circles. I went to a few high end shops and nobody in there had them on. I mean, really....