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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Baby's bums part two

When my daughter was young I used to think I would teach her to sew. 

Touching mother and daughter time. 

In the end it was her youngest brother who got an A in Home Ec, for his beautiful top-stitching on his summer shorts, displaying a Lego fanatic's love of detail.

My daughter was not that interested. Of course she picked up the basics because it was always going on but beyond that her line was "Why should I learn how to do something you can do for me?"

Always the pragmatist, always the pragmatist.

Instead she developed her own interests and became really good at really hard stuff, like pediatric oncology and fancy baking - things her mother couldn't do.

However when she became a mother, and is now on her second maternity leave, she started to sew, much to my amazement and again by doing things I was never good at, like quilting.

Her quilts, receiving blankets, and 100% cotton baby wipes (all but the wipes are also organic) are hip, cool, and very nice.  She has quickly developed a nice business among those  looking for green baby stuff and not the traditional. Here is one of her quilts:

It makes me smile when she says this whole business is based on her love of fabrics - now I wonder where she got that?

Things have gone so well for her that she is now involved in a Momentrepreneur show next month:

To help her out I answered an SOS and made her a skirt to wear (she sent me a picture and I made up that pattern here in the hotel room, we will see how that turned out):

Tell me this looks like a hip gathered skirt with a wide waistband and ties

And I also made some baby wipes- all in the mail off to Nova Scotia from Tennessee today:

Yes I know the birds are upside down - but I am wiped so they are going to stay that way.

Who would have thought I would one day be sewing baby wipes in Knoxville Tennessee? 

Never under estimate life.

Now tomorrow I am going to tell you about outlet shopping on the Golan Heights. 

Yes, I am serious.

1 comment:

Susan said...

My daughter has little interest in sewing, except to sew a halloween costume every year. You give me hope that maybe she will take up quilting one day and we could have "dueling" sewing machines!