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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Those new Vogues

I have been waiting for new patterns to think about and almost missed out on the notice for the latest batch - they went into my Spam folder! Made me wonder if Someone has been fiddling with my computer.

I must confess that there was less here that I immediately want to sew - correction - less here than suits my life right now. 

Of course many of these are holiday dresses and I am not sure if I will need one that fancy this year. My school does just a lunch, but my husband's company used to have a big black tie affair and it was always worth dressing up for that. However they have recently been bought out, by a very good company, but one with clearly different priorities. The social committee has been disbanded and I am hearing very non-black tie words like "voucher". 

It's not looking good brocade-wise.

It seems like most of my holiday dressing is going to involve aprons not ball gowns, and I am going to be spending more time walking in the hall at my daughter's trying to get a burp up than on the dance floor.

So although there are several evening dresses I would like to make, I am not sure I will have anywhere to wear them. Strapless, I seem to remember, doesn't work so well with burp spit ups.

That said there are a few I am considering be putting into the old online cart, and a few I would have sewn, and here they are:

I usually don't do the oversize thing but this is a white shirt and would work with my narrow pants and maybe a skirt - I will probably negotiate a length between the short and the long version, but will not be doing the diaper thing at the back unless I try it and it surprises me.

This dress I like, and would use some of my double-knit collection unless I find some suede I like. I remember these blouson dresses from early in my career, but what I can't remember is if they suited me or not. I will ponder this for a really long time. What do you think?

Now these two I would sew if my life changes:

Evening suits are a good idea. Good for those times you have to do a work function at night, like a fundraising dinner and someone corporate has bought a table and you get asked at the last minute because who they really invited cancelled, and you need to look evenesque but not sleazy. I am also thinking through how this might look in a wool or something (subtle colour block - greys and black?). It has potential and if I were more creative I would see what that was.


I completely love this and am sure it is not me, except maybe in personality. To wear this I need someone to organize an evening wedding where there is a major cocktail thing going on and good music and I can dance until I am the last person left. This is a completely a dancing dress, and definitely the kind of thing you wear only once. But still worth it. It does not have "voucher-from-work" written all over it however.

So that's it. What did I miss?


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

It's funny - I love the Pamela Rolland Suit but never thought of it as an evening suit. I thought of using wool crepe in two different colors to make those bands pop for a work suit.

shams said...

I managed to buy these during the BMV sale (a 45-minute window). The only one I bought off your list is the Mizono. I also bought the Betzina top, both Katheryn Tilton patterns, one of the Marcy Tiltons, the Koos coat, and a couple others that are not designer patterns.

For me, a good haul! (I did not buy one single dress. ;) )

Bunny said...

I find the shoulder line on the suede suit really interesting, as in very wide. It does make that booty look smaller though.

Linda said...

I am obviously a day late and dollar short as I do not recall seeing an announcment about pattern sale, nor have I looked lately to see if there is anything new. The line up of late has just not been appealing to me.

Jane M said...

I was so caught in the exact same dilemma. even if I liked the pattern, where would I wear the garment? I do miss more formal dress up corporate events now that I've retired so I'll get my kicks reading and seeing what others o with these Vogues.