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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Finishing up

How about that. 

I finished my son's shirts and since he arrived home last night, gave them to him. They fit fine, looked great in fact and he said he would wear them to work. 

Of course I don't have pictures. He is staying over at Miss Scarlett's. I have to start taking my camera with me and will see if I can corner him for shots before he goes. 

He is a sharp dresser and like most men particular about what he wears. Have you noticed that? Even if all a guy wears is T shirts and white tube socks they still will have very specific ideas about what tube socks and what T shirts. It's incredible. You have to get it right. I find that takes more focus than I have sometimes and also because this son is my only one away I like to do an excellent job with anything from me he takes away with him. I want him to always know his mom is thinking about him.

So last night when he told me the shirts were great I immediately said "I will make you more" while my daughter dug me in the ribs and whispered "what are you talking about those shirts nearly killed you." Of course I will make more but fortunately am out of great shirt fabric right now.

I am about to enter my season of making-things-for-other-people with the holidays coming up. I have found that as kids get older they appreciate things that are made for them more. In my case this is going to involve tons of knitting and some more sewing.

So before that hits I am going to finish off a few odds and ends. 

Here is one of them, a dog walking jacket I still have cut out from last year. I have this in corduroy, as suggested, and will be highly surprised if it works at all with all those pleats in the back. But I knew I needed a camp coat type thing but wanted something more campy for my walks every night in the woods with those crazy dogs. The woods BTW that are full of deer this time of year. We see 6-8 white tailed deer every night and I really think I should dress for the occasion.

Here's my pattern, and I will construct this over the next few days when I should be doing other things. What do you think?

 My mojo is high this morning, too bad I have to go off to work.


gwensews said...

I love that Butterick jacket pattern, and it is on my "to make" list. I'm anxious to see how yours turns out. I'll let you go first!

Dinah said...

Great pattern - can't wait to watch your progress on it!

sdBev said...

That's on my make list, but I figured out the fabric. Corduroy, hmmmm

Julie Culshaw said...

I love, love, love those jackets. Back details like pleats in jackets have always been a favourite detail of mine. Look good as you walk away, why not? You have the height to carry this off in corduroy.

Texan said...

Oh I do like that jacket pattern!

I do not have children but I am by my little brother 7 1/2 years younger than me, as you are by your away son. I would have said the same thing in the same situation. My brother is kinda like my kid in a way LOL.. So of course I can't help but try to mom him some LOL...

He actually gave me a shirt a while back and said, could you make me some shirts from this one? But in fabric not quite so loud...

ME" well can I take this one apart? HIM: Yes ..
ME: okay where did you get this its nice ..
HIM: oh my boss gave it to me its a 500.00 dollar custom shirt, he has all his shirts custom made by someone. But decided he didn't like this fabric, so he asked did I want it. It fits great.
ME: ummm are you sure you want me take this shirt apart? What if I can't do a good job for you?
HIM: You can.

Needless to say the shirt is still in one piece hanging in my sewing room. YIKES lol

jirons42 said...

I'm anxious to see pictures of the shirts you made for your son!