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Sunday, July 17, 2011

An odd and ends day

I just got a call from my husband, off in Deception Bay in the land where the sun doesn't really ever set this time of year. The place they are at of course doesn't have hotels so the company brought in a cruise ship for them to stay on - he said he had smoked salmon and Brie for breakfast. He claims he will be back in three weeks.

Mr. Rascal and I are a bit of a random force left to our own devices. Thisis what we did yesterday with a few of the usual revelations.

I started knitting a baby blanket for the new baby that is due in October, changing Miss Scarlett's only child status. It will take me that long and they better start having some good stuff on TV. Last night I watched TV like a man, with one hand on the remote.

I also thought a lot about Carolyn's Vogue 1179 and Rachelle's many gorgeous versions so, although I had cut out Vogue 1250, not wanting to be the last person to make this dress in the world - although I wish now I had waited until this morning and read Debbie Cook's detailed flat pattern alteration advice, I decided to make another 1179 for myself. My first version really is my favourite dress of the season.

Here it is in a rayon knit familiar to those who stalk Fabricmart, on my dress form since the photographer is at the North Pole:

While I made this, and was once again just so pleased with what an absolutely flattering dress this is on, it got me thinking about my step-daughter's wedding next month. BTW I hate the "step" term. Cinderella has ruined that phrase for me. My step children are really great people and have been totally wonderful to me since the day I met them. There is nothing "step" about us.

Anyway, as I have said before, this is going to be a very small group. Just five of us, at a very nice inn with a fantastic and small dining room. I was thinking of wearing a dress I already own but I decided that was a disservice to my step-daughter, the only one who is not having the big white wedding, as if it was not important enough for a new outfit. As a result I have been wearing my head out trying to figure what to wear. Dress up clothes are often not my favourites, it is the time I start trying to dress like someone else or for some occasion that isn't me and it doesn't work.

Then I thought why not make this dress in something fancier? 

It is in fact a dress that my husband has told me I look sexy in which is pretty good for something that is like a night gown to wear. But then again this is the same person who loves the polar fleece pajamas with the embroidered snow flakes that my mother gave me for Christmas - he thinks those are cool.

So I created a vision in my head of this dress and drove around to our 1.5 fabric stores to try to match it.

Don't you just wish you had a real fabric store that matched the one in your head? I was thinking sort of silk knit and all I could see was polyester crepe de chine and kiddie prints.

The only knit that caught my eye was this one:

Yes I know, the ladies in the fabric store thought the same thing - they were kind of lobbying for lilac once they knew it was a wedding.

However this is essentially a dinner at a restaurant. I am going to make it up and if it gets the thumbs down I will wear it anyway elsewhere.

Which brings me to prints and identity.

Women over the age of 40 around here dress sort of preppy plain and as they get older it gets more tasteful and quiet. I believe the word is classic. Problem is I really, really love prints, and colour. 

And I am a person who has worn out one side of her jaw from talking too much. What are you going to do?

O.K. off to the sewing room.


Bunny said...

My sis lives on the coast of Maine where the same style esthetic exists. I hear ya. Personally, I think more color is needed as we get older. Who wants to fade into the room when they have all the wisdom of a lifetime to impart?

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Personally I think you can match classics with color and come up with a style that is you. Hey that's what I do and I work in one of the stuffiest professions possible! *LOL* The new fabric will make an interesting rendition of V1179!

Barbara said...

Interesting eh? Mumm, you may be right. Such a good pattern though and I want to be comfortable.

Ruthie said...

Stuff em. Wear prints and colour if you want to. I do and these days just let people live with it :-) And at least I'm happy.

Colleen G said...

I sympathize with the lack of interesting fabric stores available to browse. Would get that visit to NYC in before the wedding? If so, you might want to check out your options there because on my visit, I had a hard time narrowing down my choices. And there was lots of colour!

Anonymous said...

Why follow the mob? Create your own beautiful, brightly coloured clothes