Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sewing for the sun

If you are like me you didn't take sun care of your skin when you were younger. Anyone else remember those home-made sun reflectors made of cardboard and tin foil? 

Well this year I had about five spots taken off my face by a dermatologist, those early change things. So in Florida I wore hats and swam with a made-by-me rash guard and tried to be sensible. With hair like mine too a hat is not a bad idea.

Anyway I was interested in this article this morning and made me think that this was something worth thinking about. Definitely something sewers can do so much more easily than other folks.


shams said...

Yeah, my mother died at the age of 54 of melanoma. I have never been a sun bunny.

Bunny said...

My baby brother has had two serious bouts with melanoma. Right now he is fine and we pray that continues. I did abuse the sun earlier in my life but once my entire family had to get checked because of John's melanoma it became very real. I am now having a great excuse to be the hat lady that I really am.