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Friday, June 17, 2011

Strange and interesting times in the sewing room


What would you say if your husband announced that you could do fun things together tonight and that meant that he had installed the Wii in your sewing room (because it has most space and a good TV) so you could play competitive Wii Golf in your sewing room together on the condition he gets to be Tiger Woods?

You see my situation.

I happen to have a nice pair of hopefully fitting pants laid out next to my machine with all the seams pinned up. Pretend swings at pretend water traps was not on this sewer's particular agenda for this evening. I will be a good sport. 


On another note today Miss Scarlett and I enjoyed an afternoon without cold and rain and went down to the swimming club we belong to, The Waegwoltic, Waeg for short. It has sailing, tennis and three salt water pools and a great big sand pile. I went there all the time in the summer with my kids and it is nice to be taking her down there now. Here is what it looks like in the summer:

I should add that this is Nova Scotia, so although the facilities are nice and it is minutes away from where I live, it really isn't an exclusive type place. I suspect it costs more to belong to the Y in most places. There are some advantages in being off the beaten track.

Anyway Miss Scarlett had a great time and mastered the art of turning on the taps at the sand pile and of course got really wet and cold and I had to change her.

This got me thinking that I really should make her some kind of terry towel coverup with a hood to keep her warm when she gets out of the water.

Then I remembered these strange things we made when we were teenagers. You used a large bath towel one for the front and one for the back and two hand towels for the sleeves, meeting at centre front. Sort of a giant kimono that went to the ground.

These things were all the rage, everyone made them and felt very clever. Of course you looked just like a person wearing two bath towels and two hand towels and I remember they weighed a ton. You sort of staggered around under the weight of it with your giant rollers on your head.

I picked up two nice towels (I don't think I need much more she isn't even two until September) and am going to think about the pattern.

Remembering this and my teenage years reminds me to thank those of you who said my hair looks nice recently.

I have what is generally considered the worst hair in the world. It is thin, thin, thin since I had half my thryroid out, kinky and frizzy. I have in my life gone to a hairdresser once and sat in the chair and had him say "I wish there was something I could do for you" and send me home as is. Last time I got my hair done in Florida they tried to interest me in a wig.

I think you get the picture.

My current hairdresser who has unfortunately done all the thick beautiful hair of my sisters has had me on a regime of products and straighteners and flat irons etc. to try to fight the hair I have been given.

Anyway recently I decided to go natural, frizzy, thin and just what it is. I actually like it better myself.

The way I figure it every single person has something about their outward appearance that is not what they wish it was. 

Well the way I figure it forget about that one thing.

Just forget about it.

I make lots of nice clothes and actually think what I am making I like more and more. I am tall so I actually look thinner than I really am. A lot. I have nice hands and I am cheerful. And I always wear lipstick.

You can't have everything, but actually you weren't supposed to have everything. If you did might stop bothering and that would be no good.

Now off to practice my swing. I can't decide if I should be Anika Sorrenson or Sara Brown.


shams said...

Is it me, or is your husband all about the golf lately? :)

I do remember something like the kimono made from bath towels, though I don't think I had one.

What I wore in the summer was the dress with three armholes. One of the smartest inventions ever and you never see it anymore. No closures needed. The outer edge and the armholes finished with bias binding.

I have half a thyroid too. How come I don't look like you do? :)

Claire S. said...

OMG I had one of those bath towels thingies ! LOL But rather than hand towels Mom used a 3rd bath towel folded lengthwise with a slit cut for the neckline. I wore that as my after-bath robe for YEARS and loved it.

Susan said...

My children worn a single bath towel with the very center cut out to pull over their heads and an attached belt that when tied kept the front and back of the towel together around their bodies. The towels let them play in the sand for hours, minus the blue chattering lips.
On another topic your photos do not betray how much hair you do or do not have. As a woman with very thin, poker straight hair, my life seems to be consumed with keeping the bald spots covered. I would have never guessed you also had thin hair.

Terry said...

Well you did make me laugh tonight. Golf in your sewing room. You are being a good sport. Bath towel robe with rollers. Yep,what was with us and rollers.

Must be warmer in Nova Scotia than Alberta because it is too cold to go anywhere near any type of pool yet this year.
Hair, mine is thinner since chemo. and grey now. But not curly like some of my friends. Least of our worries.

Mae said...

I live in Queensland, Australia but I grew up on the Dingle Road in Halifax. Looking at the Dingle Tower in your photo brought back wonderful memories. Thanks!

Ruthie said...

You have a great attitude and I love reading your blog. (My ex was always after me to straighten my wavy hair, I grew it long and kept it wavy, then left him eventually, its better to be OK with who you are than fret about these things too much.)


Can't believe I missed those towel robes. Somehow reminds me of when we all sewed ponchos. My mother loved making them for us out of fake fur. We felt terribly fashionable. I remember one in fake brown and white pony.... lovely. I do remember the great big rollers. My sister wore those. Also the really cool older teenage girls of her age (she turns 60 this year) substituted orange juice cans- open on both ends- for the rollers. And in those days cans were cans, not made out of paper.


Sorry I can't figure out how to change the signature I use to promote my podcast into a normal human signature. I need to remember to start signing my name when I post. I tried but can't seem to make openid work for me.

Laurel Shimer

Sharon said...

Your comments about your hair hit home with me. I am African American, Jewish and Native American with a little Caucasian blood thrown in. I have distinctly different hair than most other children growing up and never was able to 'look' like they did. Since I am much 'older' and mature I have also gone natural and love my hair. It is wavy, kinky, straight and thick, but more than that it is healthy. Thank you for bringing attention to the point that loving yourself as you are is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself.

A New Object: Objective-C said...

@Sharon You are making me think hard about HAIR today. My 21 year-old daughter straightens her hair and it bothers me because I fought comments from other people, when I was her age, that I should try staightening mine. At the same time, I really proud of her for doing what SHE wants and not listening to me! I like having hair that is kind of curly, but not totally and I consider the word 'frizz' to be something artistic about my hair, not something that I need to alter. I like it when that cloud of hair stands out from the rest of my 'do. Thanks for making me think hair today.

Laurel Shimer


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