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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

McCalls 6241 in last iteration, plus life shots

Here is my version of 6241 with a faced neckline, sorry that the red is so red, I really did try to tone it down. In the end I think the clear elastic was the best idea - although it is fine I think that the facing drags the drape down a bit. I think I have done enough with this one pattern now, but it has been a learning experience and I think I am better prepared for the next draped neckline - I like them.

Last night also I went out to the local sewing guild's end of season meeting. Folks showed off interesting projects and I took a few shots - they give you a good idea I think of the diversity of the group.

Here is the guild's new president Cindy in a corset she made (she had a T shirt on for most of the meeting in case you are wondering):

A truly unbelievably complicated undertaking IMO.

And here is my friend Sheila in Vogue 8634 which I am now going to be making because it looked so nice on her (she also made the pants):

And finally here is Anita in a hat she threw together for a tea party on the Royal Wedding day - she was working at her cottage and was supply short - I thought her use of spray insulation foam was quite creative:

We are a small province here in Nova Scotia, but quite an original one.

Finally when I got home my husband, much maligned in the last post, had this waiting for me, ham and scalloped potatoes, proving once a again that yes he is a very good cook.

Now off to work on some pant fitting.


velosewer said...

You're all doing such imaginative work. Dh is a good cook!

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

just stopping by to say i loved this post!

Rose said...

The red top looks nice, but I agree that the clear elastic looks best.

Marie-Noƫlle said...

Corsets seems to be all the rage at the moment on many sewing blogs. I admit that they are objects of fascination to me but still, I am not ready to spend all the time and money necessary to make one.