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Monday, April 18, 2011

African prints

Every once in a while I find I am following a fashion trend and didn't know it. This makes me feel very with it, even though  that's not true. It is still a good feeling because I love clothes.

Do you remember my African print dress? 

Well this morning I read Joanna in Sweden's post on how fashionable African prints are right now. I am very happy about this on several levels, one because I love those prints, and also because I have a son who has been exploring business with an African manufacturer, and I know it is good for the African textile industry. It's a connected world, these things matter.

Check out the L.A.M.B. collection on Style.com Even an accent of these prints is beautiful and, to my eye, fresh for spring and summer.

Here is L.A.M.B.'s take:

And here is mine:

Sorry about the headless shot. I am calling this my Barbie shot as all Scarlett's Barbies seem to be headless (doesn't bother her a bit). DH and I are working through the fact that you are supposed to tell someone if a piece of her hair is standing straight up before you snap the shot.


Karen in VA said...

I love this dress....My niece went on a business trip to Kenya and brought me back some fabric. One is panels and will be made into my dining room curtains...the others are still waiting for inspiration, but boy, are they gorgeous!!!

KC said...

Beautiful print and nice, sleek dress! My one African print is my thrifted skirt-of-a-thousand-repurposes, which I love. Who knew we were trend-spotters!

Claire S. said...

Love the dress !

DH and I are also discussing photographer responsibilities.
I was working on pants the last couple of weeks and number of pics with the back pant leg stuck in the shoe was incredible ! He says 'he never noticed' :-)

Sharon said...

Great dress and love the colours.

I've given up on DH taking photos it just got too frustrating at things "he didn't notice" or "undertand" so I've purchased a tripod and keep fit taking my own photos.

TE said...

I like your take on African prints MUCH better than that silly "designer's". Thanks for being here for us.

Vernelle Nelson said...

It seems like decades since I worked with African prints. Reading this post has inspired me to 'go back to my roots' and pick up some African fabric on my very next fabric shopping expedition.