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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pants and arrest photos

I have some hurried shots here of my Wild Ginger pants. Unfortunately as the photographer was cooking and in a hurry these are kind of weird and not too explicit. Also my back views look like someone has said "Up against the wall lady, move it."

My attempt at one seam really wide linen pants with a clear view of my major fitting issue

Rear view, shows an approaching crotch fit despite The Fitting Issue

A slimmer version oh my god elastic waist version and a reason why now I have a crotch that sorta works that I need to find a good pants pattern with a bit of style to work with
And of course as I am moving out of my basic black stage these "muslins" are in black and the front view shows next to nothing.

Oh well, at least it is pant fitting evidence and I am ready and eager to move onto to real pants making asap.

Have you noticed though that there are really very few fashionable, as in the looser shapes I am seeing all over the spring collections, pants patterns in the books. Simplicity is the best but right now the store at the bottom of the street, the only fabric store in town, is selling Simplicity at $14.95 or something. I also went down there in a rush to try to find some more pant weight or even some pant weight with a little bit of stretch and there was nada, nothing, no anything. It was ridiculous. If I had wanted to make a polyester dress with tiny flowers I would have been set.

Now I know there are a lot of issues with Joann's (see Erica B's DIY for a good discussion at the moment) and I totally agree, but to those of you who can still shop at Joann's I have to say they do a good job with basics. If it was a Joann's I had at the bottom of the street I would have some new pants.

On the subject of other bloggers I want to say a big thank you to Carolyn and Sharon for posting about their Fabric Mart foray. Their postings prompted me to look up Fabric Mart on the map and I have pointed out to DH it is exactly on our way to Florida next week if we take a detour and go in a different direction totally for a while. The motorcycle purchase has put me in a honeymoon negotiating position so of course that is exactly what we are now going to do.

I laugh as I write this. You know for a long time I was a political media relations operative and that really is the swimming with the sharks business that you might think it is, probably worse actually. It's kind of nice to be off that particular hook, even if I am now writing more about DH. In a former life the rules were no other life.

That's changed.


RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

Hi Barbara,
Let me know which patterns you're looking for. I may have them in my stash or I can pick them up when they go on sale.

RiAnge Creations. Ltd. said...

Follow this blog: http://thestraightgrain.blogspot.com. She gives advance notice of sales, Burda updates, etc. Check it out.

Rose said...

The pants are looking good! Occasionally, I can find something at Joann's but lately there has been a lot of junk. I don't make a special trip there anymore. Have fun at Fabric Mart!!

Jane M said...

I think your one seams are looking just great. They do have a different fit that the jeans I'm so used to wearing. One f these ays I'll get back to Louise's instructions and try the slimmer version.
I don't ever bash Joann's on the web because I'm afraid that their financial challenges could lead to their demise...and that would mean the end of $.99 and $3.99 sales on patterns and half off notions, ambiance lining and thread! And then, just like the Joni Mitchell song, Big Yellow Taxi, "You don't know what you've got 'tll it's gone...." What I do regret is that their poly heavy fabric inventory means that beginning sewers start off at such a disadvantage. But yes, you can find useful aditions to a stash if you know what to search for in those aisles.
So glad you'll get to FM, my favorite destination. Hope you have room in the car for plenty!

Sharon said...

Your one seam pants are looking very good. This is my challenge for the Easter Weekend, get pants to fit.

Sounds like you deserve the new life, enjoy.

Erika said...

"exactly on the way if we take a detour and go in a different direction for a while", LOL. What was it Obama said in his speech? Spending reductions in taxes?

Re knowing what you look like in your clothes - I don't think all of us add too much ease, I tend to wear my knit shirts with negative ease - but I think you're probably right that our mental image generally doesn't correspond with what people see. Is there a fix, though? Maybe just to stay flexible with styles, and try new things often enough to get surprised some times. I think the mental image thing can go both ways too - as long as I never look at myself sideways in the mirror, I don't have an impending double chin, right?


LisaB said...

I love your negotiating skills. :-)

I'd love to meet you when you pass through the area next week providing your detour coincides with a day/time that I can get away from the office for a while. Things are usually flexible, but I do have a meeting or two scheduled. You know how that is. ;-)

FM will have a box waiting for me to pick up, too. Shoot me an email if you'd like.

Barbara said...

Hi Lisa was not able to email you, perhaps you can contact me directly.